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Capital and largest city of Argentina. Wikipedia

  • Argentina

    Country located mostly in the southern half of South America. Also bordered by Bolivia and Paraguay to the north, Brazil to the northeast, Uruguay and the South Atlantic Ocean to the east, and the Drake Passage to the south. Wikipedia

  • Buenos Aires Province

    Largest and most populous Argentine province. Federalized in 1880. Wikipedia

  • Buenos Aires City Legislature

    Central part of the Government of the City of Buenos Aires, Argentina. Housed in the Legislature Palace , an architectural landmark in the city's barrio of Montserrat. Wikipedia

  • La Plata

    Capital city of Buenos Aires Province, Argentina. According to the, it has a population of 193,144 and its metropolitan area, the Greater La Plata, has 787,294 inhabitants. Wikipedia

  • Politics of Argentina

    Both Head of State and Head of Government. Vested in the two chambers of the Argentine National Congress. Wikipedia

  • Santa Fe Province

    Province of Argentina, located in the center-east of the country. Neighboring provinces are from the north clockwise Chaco (divided by the 28th parallel south), Corrientes, Entre Ríos, Buenos Aires, Córdoba, and Santiago del Estero. Wikipedia


    Sentences forBuenos Aires

    • Rather, he was making a political statement in opposition to the monarchist and centralist ideas that back then permeated Buenos Aires politics.South America-Wikipedia
    • In 2006 Montreal was named a UNESCO City of Design, only one of three design capitals of the world (the others being Berlin and Buenos Aires).Montreal-Wikipedia
    • The city is 48th on the UBS The most expensive and richest cities in the world list, standing before cities such as Prague, Shanghai, Kuala Lumpur or Buenos Aires.Budapest-Wikipedia
    • Prior to this round, the cities of Buenos Aires, Stockholm and Cape Town had been eliminated from competition, having received fewer votes.Athens-Wikipedia
    • Mexico City is the first Latin American city to host the Olympic Games, having held the Summer Olympics in 1968, winning bids against Buenos Aires, Lyon and Detroit.Mexico City-Wikipedia
    • The country's capital city, Buenos Aires, is the most visited city in South America.Argentina-Wikipedia

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