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Obscure control flow structure used in some programming languages, originally as a joke. Wikipedia

  • Used as a control flow operator. It has been adopted by several other programming languages. Wikipedia

  • Point in the control flow of a program where the control flow can arrive via two different paths. In particular, it's a basic block that has more than one predecessor. Wikipedia

  • Abstract representation of the control state of a computer program. Data structure that represents the computational process at a given point in the process's execution; the created data structure can be accessed by the programming language, instead of being hidden in the runtime environment. Wikipedia

  • Raku (programming language)

    Member of the Perl family of programming languages. Renamed in October 2019. Wikipedia

  • Statement found in many computer programming languages. It performs a one-way transfer of control to another line of code; in contrast a function call normally returns control. Wikipedia

  • Asynchrony, in computer programming, refers to the occurrence of events independent of the main program flow and ways to deal with such events. These may be "outside" events such as the arrival of signals, or actions instigated by a program that take place concurrently with program execution, without the program blocking to wait for results. Wikipedia


    Sentences forCOMEFROM

    • could be replaced by the COMEFROM statement, and provides some entertaining examples.Datamation-Wikipedia
    • For example, he has been an enthusiast for the COMEFROM statement and an expert on its semantics.Michael W. Shields-Wikipedia
    • The C-INTERCAL dialect has a few differences from original INTERCAL and introduced a few new features, such as a COME FROM statement and a means of doing text I/O based on the Turing Text Model.INTERCAL-Wikipedia
    • These facilities can be and are abused to act like the COMEFROM statement.Breakpoint-Wikipedia
    • For example, he has been an enthusiast for the COMEFROM statement and an expert on its semantics.BCS-FACS-Wikipedia
    • Debugger hooks can be used to implement a COMEFROM statement, as in the humorous Python goto module; see below.COMEFROM-Wikipedia

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