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Chemical element with the symbol Cs and atomic number 55. Wikipedia

  • One of the chemical elements in the sixth row of the periodic table of the elements, including the lanthanides. Laid out in rows to illustrate recurring trends in the chemical behaviour of the elements as their atomic number increases: a new row is begun when chemical behaviour begins to repeat, meaning that elements with similar behaviour fall into the same vertical columns. Wikipedia

  • Rubidium

    Chemical element with the symbol Rb and atomic number 37. Very soft, silvery-white metal in the alkali metal group. Wikipedia

  • Alkali metal

    The alkali metals consist of the chemical elements lithium (Li), sodium (Na), potassium (K), rubidium (Rb), caesium (Cs), and francium (Fr). Together with hydrogen they constitute group 1, which lies in the s-block of the periodic table. Wikipedia

  • Strontium

    Chemical element with the symbol Sr and atomic number 38. Soft silver-white yellowish metallic element that is highly chemically reactive. Wikipedia

  • Sodium

    Chemical element with the symbol Na and atomic number 11. Soft, silvery-white, highly reactive metal. Wikipedia

  • Technetium

    Chemical element with the symbol Tc and atomic number 43. Lightest element whose isotopes are all radioactive, none of which are stable other than the fully ionized state of 97Tc. Wikipedia


    Sentences forCaesium

    • Yamamoto flew the drone there carrying sand containing cesium from Fukushima prefecture on April 9, but the drone was not discovered until April 22.Prime Minister's Official Residence (Japan)-Wikipedia
    • Each spacecraft carried two rubidium and two cesium clocks, as well as nuclear detonation detection sensors, leading to a mass of 1660 kg.GPS satellite blocks-Wikipedia
    • Russian emergency teams roamed the city with Geiger counters, and located several canisters of Caesium, which had been stolen from the Budennovsk hospital by the Chechen militants.Shamil Basayev-Wikipedia
    • In 1980, the Royal Observatory adopted a timing system based on a Caesium beam atomic clock.Hong Kong Time-Wikipedia
    • Caesium atomic clocks became operational in 1955, and quickly confirmed the evidence that the rotation of the earth fluctuated randomly.Ephemeris time-Wikipedia
    • In spite of the limited amount of radioactivity released (0.1 GBq 60Co, 137Cs, 233Pa), a commission of inquiry was appointed.Pebble-bed reactor-Wikipedia

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