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Canadians (Canadiens) are people identified with the country of Canada. Wikipedia

  • Canada

    Country in the northern part of North America. Its ten provinces and three territories extend from the Atlantic to the Pacific and northward into the Arctic Ocean, covering 9.98 e6km2, making it the world's second-largest country by total area. Wikipedia

  • Immigration to Canada

    Process by which people migrate to Canada for the purpose of residing there—and where a majority go on to become Canadian citizens. As of 2019, Canada has the eighth largest immigrant populations in the world, while foreign-born people make up about one-fifth (21% in 2019) of Canada’s population—one of the highest ratios for industrialized Western countries. Wikipedia

  • Canada–United Kingdom relations

    Canada-United Kingdom relations (Relations entre le Canada et le Royaume-Uni) are the bilateral relations between Canada and the United Kingdom. The relations between the two countries have had intimate and frequently-co-operative contact. Wikipedia

  • Asian Canadians

    Asian Canadians are Canadians who can trace their ancestry back to the continent of Asia or Asian people. Canadians with Asian ancestry comprise the largest and fastest growing group in Canada, after European Canadians, with roughly 17.7% of the Canadian population. Wikipedia

  • South Asian Canadians

    South Asian Canadians ; ; are Canadians who were either born in or can trace their ancestry to South Asia, which includes the nations of India, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Sri Lanka, Bhutan, Nepal and the Maldives. Subgroup of Asian Canadian and, according to Statistics Canada, can further be divided by nationality, such as Indian Canadian, Bangladeshi Canadian and Pakistani Canadian. Wikipedia

  • History of Canada

    The history of Canada covers the period from the arrival of the Paleo-Indians thousands of years ago to the present day. Prior to European colonization, the lands encompassing present-day Canada were inhabited for millennia by Indigenous peoples, with distinct trade networks, spiritual beliefs, and styles of social organization. Wikipedia


    Sentences forCanadians

    • This ended service by The Canadian over CPR rails, and the train was rerouted on the former Super Continental route via Canadian National without a change of name.Canadian Pacific Railway-Wikipedia
    • Until the end of the 2007 season, CBC and RDS were the exclusive television broadcasters for all playoff games, including the Grey Cup, which regularly draws a Canadian viewing audience in excess of 4 million.Canadian Football League-Wikipedia
    • The 2016 Canadian Census is the most recent detailed enumeration of Canadian residents, which counted a population of 35,151,728, a NaN% change from its 2011 population of 33,476,688.2016 Canadian census-Wikipedia
    • Canadian Pacific Railway Limited (tsx: CP nyse: CP) is a Canadian railway transportation company that operates the Canadian Pacific Railway.Canadian Pacific Railway-Wikipedia
    • In the 2016 national census, nearly 4,000 Canadian residents claimed knowledge of Scottish Gaelic, with a particular concentration in Nova Scotia.Scottish Gaelic-Wikipedia
    • Most Canadians have access to at least one U.S.-based ABC affiliate, either over-the-air (in areas located within proximity of the Canada–United States border) or through a cable, satellite or IPTV provider.American Broadcasting Company-Wikipedia

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