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Canadians (Canadiens) are people identified with the country of Canada. Wikipedia

  • Canada

    Country in the northern part of North America. Its ten provinces and three territories extend from the Atlantic to the Pacific and northward into the Arctic Ocean, covering 9.98 e6km2, making it the world's second-largest country by total area. Wikipedia

  • Immigration to Canada

    Process by which people migrate to Canada for the purpose of residing there—and where a majority go on to become Canadian citizens. As of 2019, Canada has the eighth largest immigrant populations in the world, while foreign-born people make up about one-fifth (21% in 2019) of Canada’s population—one of the highest ratios for industrialized Western countries. Wikipedia

  • Canada–United Kingdom relations

    Canada-United Kingdom relations (Relations entre le Canada et le Royaume-Uni) are the bilateral relations between Canada and the United Kingdom. The relations between the two countries have had intimate and frequently-co-operative contact. Wikipedia

  • Asian Canadians

    Asian Canadians are Canadians who can trace their ancestry back to the continent of Asia or Asian people. Canadians with Asian ancestry comprise the largest and fastest growing group in Canada, after European Canadians, with roughly 17.7% of the Canadian population. Wikipedia

  • South Asian Canadians

    South Asian Canadians ; ; are Canadians who were either born in or can trace their ancestry to South Asia, which includes the nations of India, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Sri Lanka, Bhutan, Nepal and the Maldives. Subgroup of Asian Canadian and, according to Statistics Canada, can further be divided by nationality, such as Indian Canadian, Bangladeshi Canadian and Pakistani Canadian. Wikipedia

  • History of Canada

    The history of Canada covers the period from the arrival of the Paleo-Indians thousands of years ago to the present day. Prior to European colonization, the lands encompassing present-day Canada were inhabited for millennia by Indigenous peoples, with distinct trade networks, spiritual beliefs, and styles of social organization. Wikipedia

  • Demographics of Canada

    Statistics Canada conducts a country-wide census that collects demographic data every five years on the first and sixth year of each decade. Increase of around 5.0 percent over the 2011 figure. Wikipedia

  • Vancouver

    Major city in western Canada, located in the Lower Mainland region of British Columbia. As the most populous city in the province, the 2016 census recorded 631,486 people in the city, up from 603,502 in 2011. Wikipedia

  • Demographics of Montreal

    The Demographics of Montreal concern population growth and structure for Montreal, Quebec, Canada. Analyzed by Statistics Canada and compiled every five years, with the most recent census having taken place in 2016. Wikipedia

  • Indo-Canadians

    Indian Canadians are Canadians with ancestry from India. Sometimes used to avoid confusion with the Indigenous Peoples of Canada. Wikipedia

  • European Canadians

    European Canadians (les Canadiens Européens), also known as Euro-Canadians, are Canadians with ancestry from Europe. They form the largest panethnic group within Canada with roughly 73 percent of the population. Wikipedia

  • Foreign relations of Canada

    The foreign relations of Canada are Canada's relations with other governments and peoples. The chief foreign contact before World War II. Wikipedia

  • Hamilton, Ontario

    Port city in the Canadian province of Ontario. An industrialized city in the Golden Horseshoe at the west end of Lake Ontario, Hamilton has a population of 536,917, and its census metropolitan area, which includes Burlington and Grimsby, has a population of 767,000. Wikipedia

  • Culture of Canada

    The culture of Canada embodies the artistic, culinary, literary, humour, musical, political and social elements that are representative of Canada and Canadians. Throughout Canada's history, its culture has been influenced by European culture and traditions, mostly by the British and French, and by its own indigenous cultures. Over time, elements of the cultures of Canada's immigrant populations have become incorporated to form a Canadian cultural mosaic. Wikipedia

  • Multiculturalism in Canada

    Officially adopted by the government during the 1970s and 1980s. Ideology because of its public emphasis on the social importance of immigration. Wikipedia

  • Governor General of Canada

    Federal viceregal representative of the. Shared equally with the 15 other Commonwealth realms and the 10 provinces of Canada, but physically resides predominantly in oldest and most populous realm, the United Kingdom. Wikipedia

  • First Nations

    In Canada, the First Nations (Premières Nations ) are the predominant indigenous peoples in Canada south of the Arctic Circle. Those in the Arctic area are distinct and known as Inuit. Wikipedia

  • Military history of Canada

    The military history of Canada comprises hundreds of years of armed actions in the territory encompassing modern Canada, and interventions by the Canadian military in conflicts and peacekeeping worldwide. The site of sporadic intertribal conflicts among Aboriginal peoples. Wikipedia

  • Lists of Canadians

    List of Canadians, people who are identified with Canada through residential, legal, historical, or cultural means, grouped by their area of notability. See . Wikipedia

  • Religion in Canada

    Religion in Canada encompasses a wide range of groups and beliefs. Largest religion in Canada, with Roman Catholics having the most adherents. Wikipedia

  • Territory of Canada. It has a land area of 1,877,787.62 km2. Wikipedia

  • History of immigration to Canada

    The history of immigration to Canada details the movement of people to modern-day Canada, which also belongs to a wider debate continuing among anthropologists over various possible models of Settlement of the American to the New World, as well as their pre-contact populations. The Inuit are believed to have arrived entirely separately from other indigenous peoples, around 1200 CE. Wikipedia

  • The demographics of Toronto, Ontario, Canada make Toronto one of the most multicultural and multiracial cities in the world. In 2016, 51.5% of the residents of the city proper belonged to a visible minority group, compared with 49.1% in 2011, and 13.6% in 1981. Wikipedia

  • Richmond, British Columbia

    Coastal city located in the Canadian province of British Columbia. Member municipality of Metro Vancouver and the location of the Vancouver International Airport. Wikipedia

  • North York

    One of the six administrative districts of Toronto, Ontario, Canada. Located directly north of York, Old Toronto and East York, between Etobicoke to the west and Scarborough to the east. Wikipedia

  • Outline of Canada

    Provided as an overview of and topical guide to Canada: North American country consisting of ten provinces and three territories. Wikipedia

  • Demographics of Nova Scotia

    Canadian province located on Canada's southeastern coast. Most populous province in the Atlantic Canada, and its capital, Halifax, is a major economic centre of the region. Wikipedia

  • American Canadians are Canadian citizens of American descent. Most often used to refer to Canadians who migrated from or have ancestry from the United States. Wikipedia

  • Canadian royal symbols

    Canadian royal symbols are the visual and auditory identifiers of the Canadian monarchy, including the viceroys, in the country's federal and provincial jurisdictions. These may specifically distinguish organizations that derive their authority from the Crown (such as parliament or police forces), establishments with royal associations, or merely be ways of expressing loyal or patriotic sentiment. Wikipedia

  • Italian Canadians

    Italian Canadians (italo-canadesi, italo-canadiens) comprise Canadians who have full or partial Italian heritage and Italians who migrated from Italy or reside in Canada. According to the 2016 Census of Canada, 1,587,970 Canadians (4.6% of the total population) claimed full or partial Italian ancestry. Wikipedia


Sentences forCanadians

  • This ended service by The Canadian over CPR rails, and the train was rerouted on the former Super Continental route via Canadian National without a change of name.Canadian Pacific Railway-Wikipedia
  • Until the end of the 2007 season, CBC and RDS were the exclusive television broadcasters for all playoff games, including the Grey Cup, which regularly draws a Canadian viewing audience in excess of 4 million.Canadian Football League-Wikipedia
  • The 2016 Canadian Census is the most recent detailed enumeration of Canadian residents, which counted a population of 35,151,728, a NaN% change from its 2011 population of 33,476,688.2016 Canadian census-Wikipedia
  • Canadian Pacific Railway Limited (tsx: CP nyse: CP) is a Canadian railway transportation company that operates the Canadian Pacific Railway.Canadian Pacific Railway-Wikipedia
  • In the 2016 national census, nearly 4,000 Canadian residents claimed knowledge of Scottish Gaelic, with a particular concentration in Nova Scotia.Scottish Gaelic-Wikipedia
  • Most Canadians have access to at least one U.S.-based ABC affiliate, either over-the-air (in areas located within proximity of the Canada–United States border) or through a cable, satellite or IPTV provider.American Broadcasting Company-Wikipedia
  • After the Revolution, land comprising parts of Franklin and adjacent counties was set aside by the United States Congress for settlement by Canadians and Nova Scotians who were sympathetic to the colonial cause and had their land and possessions seized by the British government.Columbus, Ohio-Wikipedia
  • Taylor's legacy includes being the first African American and the second black athlete to be a world champion (Canadian boxer George Dixon, 1892).Worcester, Massachusetts-Wikipedia
  • The order recognizes the achievement of outstanding merit or distinguished service by Canadians who made a major difference to Canada through lifelong contributions in every field of endeavour, as well as the efforts made by non-Canadians who have made the world better by their actions.Order of Canada-Wikipedia
  • Sixty-one Canadians who were serving in the United States Armed Forces have received the Medal of Honor; most received it for actions in the American Civil War.List of Medal of Honor recipients-Wikipedia
  • There have been two appearances in the final of the League Cup, losing first to Celtic 1–0 in 1969 and 2–1 to Rangers in 1998, with Canadian internationalist Nick Dasovic scoring for Saints.St Johnstone F.C.-Wikipedia
  • On 29 January 2005 Canadian Les Jickling and New Zealander Mark Tanner completed the first human powered transit of Ethiopia's Blue Nile.Nile-Wikipedia
  • Moyes intended to sell the team to Canadian billionaire Jim Balsillie, who intended to purchase the team out of bankruptcy and move it to Hamilton, Ontario.Arizona Coyotes-Wikipedia
  • Bryan Guy Adams (born 5 November 1959) is a Canadian guitarist, singer, composer, record producer, photographer, and philanthropist.Bryan Adams-Wikipedia
  • The Flying Fathers, a Canadian group of Catholic priests, regularly toured North America playing exhibition hockey games for charity.Exhibition game-Wikipedia
  • Martin Brian Mulroney (born March 20, 1939) is a retired Canadian politician who served as the 18th prime minister of Canada from September 17, 1984, to June 25, 1993.Brian Mulroney-Wikipedia
  • Canadian paleontologist Digby McLaren suggested in 1969, that the Devonian extinction events were caused by an asteroid impact.Devonian-Wikipedia
  • Many squadrons and personnel from the air forces of the Dominions were already attached to the RAF, including top level commanders – Australians, Canadians, New Zealanders, Rhodesians and South Africans.Battle of Britain-Wikipedia
  • During his first years of life, in the 70s with the arrival, as a singer, to the Canadian glam rock band Sweeney Todd, it adapted to hard rock, as well as glam rock.Bryan Adams-Wikipedia
  • The rest of the population is composed of Americans, Canadian, and Japanese communities.Coahuila-Wikipedia
  • English is used by American, British, Anglo-Canadian, and Irish residents.Monaco-Wikipedia
  • After the game, Gretzky took the opportunity to confirm his patriotism: "I'm still proud to be a Canadian. I didn't desert my country. I moved because I was traded and that's where my job is. But I'm Canadian to the core. I hope Canadians understand that."Wayne Gretzky-Wikipedia
  • Graduate of the Rhetoric and Professional Writing program, Rupi Kaur is a Canadian poet, writer, illustrator.University of Waterloo-Wikipedia
  • Juno Beach Centre at Courseulles-sur-Mer, Calvados, commemorates the D-Day landing of the Canadian liberation forces at Juno Beach during World War II in 1944.Calvados (department)-Wikipedia
  • A remake of the song "Wavin' Flag" by Somalian-Canadian singer K’naan became a charity single in Canada, reaching number 1 on the "Canadian Hot 100" chart.2010 Haiti earthquake-Wikipedia
  • The name for Raw was disputed in June 2009 when Muscle Flex Inc., a Los Angeles-based fitness company, had taken legal action against the WWE after a court ruled that some of WWE's trademarks related to Raw were similar enough to the In the Raw trademark that they caused confusion among Canadians.WWE Raw-Wikipedia
  • Greenpeace was founded in 1971 by Irving Stowe and Dorothy Stowe, Canadian and US ex-pat environmental activists.Greenpeace-Wikipedia
  • In early December 1891, Canadian James Naismith, a physical education professor and instructor at the International Young Men's Christian Association Training School (YMCA) (today, Springfield College) in Massachusetts">Springfield, Massachusetts, was trying to keep his gym class active on a rainy day.Basketball-Wikipedia
  • Due to the Somali people's passionate love for and facility with poetry, Somalia has often been referred to by scholars as a "Nation of Poets" and a "Nation of Bards" including, among others, the Canadian novelist Margaret Laurence.Somalis-Wikipedia
  • The paper now belongs to Postmedia Network Canada Corp. which is a Canadian media company headquartered in Toronto, Ontario, consisting of the publishing properties of the former Canwest, with primary operations in newspaper publishing, news gathering and Internet operations.National Post-Wikipedia

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