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Annual fighting game tournament specifically focused on the Street Fighter series. Wikipedia

  • List of Street Fighter characters

    This list of characters from the Street Fighter fighting game series covers the original Street Fighter game, the Street Fighter II series, the Street Fighter Alpha series, the Street Fighter III series, the Street Fighter IV series, Street Fighter V and other related games. The table below summarizes every single fighter in the series. Wikipedia

  • Evolution Championship Series

    Annual esports event that focuses exclusively on fighting games. The tournaments are completely open and use the double elimination format. Wikipedia

  • Yusuke Momochi

    Japanese professional fighting game player, particularly of ones in the Street Fighter series by Capcom. Momochi won the Capcom Cup 2014 championship, as well as winning the EVO 2015 title for Ultra Street Fighter IV. Wikipedia

  • NYChrisG

    American competitive gamer, specializing in fighting games. Considered one of the top Ultimate Marvel vs. Capcom 3 players. Wikipedia

  • Street Fighter IV

    2008 fighting game published by Capcom, who also co-developed the game with Dimps. The first original main entry in the series since Street Fighter III in 1997, a hiatus of eleven years. Wikipedia

  • Akuma (Street Fighter)

    Fictional character from the Street Fighter series of fighting games by Capcom. Akuma made his debut in Super Street Fighter II Turbo as a secret character and hidden Boss. Wikipedia


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