Royalties similar to or like Catherine the Great

Empress of All Russia from 1762 until 1796 – the country's longest-ruling female leader. Wikipedia

  • List of Russian people

    List of people associated with the modern Russian Federation, the Soviet Union, Imperial Russia, Russian Tsardom, the Grand Duchy of Moscow, Kievan Rus', and other predecessor states of Russia. Regardless of ethnicity or emigration, the list includes famous natives of Russia and its predecessor states, as well as people who were born elsewhere but spent most of their active life in Russia. Wikipedia

  • Personality and reputation of Paul I of Russia

    Emperor of All Russia between 1796 and 1801, when he was deposed and assassinated in a palace coup. During his lifetime contemporaries, both at home and abroad speculated as to his mental health, and modern historians have continued to do so. Wikipedia

  • Elizabeth of Russia

    Elizabeth Petrovna (Елизаве́та (Елисаве́та) Петро́вна) (29 December 1709 – 5 January 1762), also known as Yelisaveta or Elizaveta, reigned as the Empress of Russia from 1741 until her death in 1762. She remains one of the most popular Russian monarchs because of her decision not to execute a single person during her reign, her numerous construction projects, and her strong opposition to Prussian policies. Wikipedia

  • Grigory Potemkin

    In use in Russia throughout the period, in preference to the more modern Gregorian calendar ("new style", or N.S.). Russian military leader, statesman, nobleman and favourite of Catherine the Great. Wikipedia

  • Russia

    Transcontinental country spanning Eastern Europe and Northern Asia. It covers over 17125191 km2, consists of more than one-eighth of the Earth's inhabited land area, extends to eleven time zones, and has borders with sixteen sovereign nations. Wikipedia

  • Peter III of Russia

    Emperor of Russia for six months in 1762. Born in Kiel as Charles Peter Ulrich of Schleswig-Holstein-Gottorp , the only child of Charles Frederick, Duke of Holstein-Gottorp (the son of Hedvig Sophia of Sweden, sister of Charles XII), and Anna Petrovna (the elder surviving daughter of Peter the Great). Wikipedia


    Sentences forCatherine the Great

    • Later, however, Pavel I ordered the cessation of the campaign and the withdrawal of Russian forces following his predecessor, Catherine the Great's death.Baku-Wikipedia
    • The city of Odessa, founded by the Russian Empress Catherine the Great, centers on the site of the Turkish fortress Khadzhibei, which was occupied by a Russian Army in 1789.Odessa-Wikipedia
    • When Catherine II came to power in 1762, the city's filth and the smell of sewage was depicted by observers as a symptom of disorderly life styles of lower-class Russians recently arrived from the farms.Moscow-Wikipedia
    • The Empress Catherine the Great ordered the Russian army, Bashkirs and Kazakhs to exterminate all migrants and the Empress abolished the Kalmyk Khanate.Mongols-Wikipedia
    • Catherine II ("the Great"), who ruled in 1762–96, presided over the Age of Russian Enlightenment.Russia-Wikipedia
    • During the reign of Catherine the Great and her grandson Alexander I, the city of Saint Petersburg was transformed into an outdoor museum of Neoclassical architecture.Russia-Wikipedia

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