Government agencies similar to or like Central Bureau of Statistics (Nepal)

Central agency for the collection, consolidation, processing, analysis, publication and dissemination of statistics in Nepal. Wikipedia

  • Protocol list in which the functionaries and officials are listed according to their rank and office in the Government of Nepal. As the country embraces federalism, the government finalized a new order of precedence in February 2018. Wikipedia

  • Department of Customs (Nepal)

    Administration of Government of Nepal under ministry of finance which collects Customs duty, Value Added Tax, Excise and other taxes at the border points and international airport. Responsible in contributing to the economic and social prosperity by providing professional and quality assured Customs services in Nepal. Wikipedia

  • Nepal Police

    Primary law enforcement agency of Nepal. Primarily responsible for maintaining law and order, prevention of crime and crime investigation within the jurisdiction determined by the Constitution of Nepal. Wikipedia

  • Anuradha Koirala

    Nepalese social activist and the founder of Maiti Nepal – a non-profit organization in Nepal, dedicated to helping victims of sex trafficking. Appointed as 1st Governor of Bagmati Pradesh from by Government of Nepal. Wikipedia

  • Ministry of Finance (Nepal)

    Central authority of Government of Nepal charged with the responsibilities for maintaining both micro and macro economic stability in the country.The position of finance minister in Nepal is currently held by Bishnu Prasad Paudel appointed on 14 October 2020. Established in 1963. Wikipedia

  • Government agency of Nepal that coordinates reconstruction following the April 2015 Nepal earthquake. Formed in August 2015 by the Government of Nepal under Prime Minister Sushil Koirala. Wikipedia


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