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  • Paramara dynasty

    Indian dynasty that ruled Malwa and surrounding areas in west-central India between 9th and 14th centuries. Established in either 9th or 10th century, and its early rulers most probably ruled as vassals of the Rashtrakutas of Manyakheta. Wikipedia

  • Vaghela dynasty

    <mapframe text="Find spots of the inscriptions issued during the Vaghela reign (map of India)." width="400" height="400" zoom="6" longitude="71.191" latitude="22.472" align="right"> Wikipedia

  • Vastupala

    Prime minister of the Vāghelā king Vīradhavala and his successor Vīsaladeva, who ruled in present-day Gujarat region of India, in the early 13th century. Administrative and military capacity, he was also a patron of art, literature and public works. Wikipedia

  • Gurjaradesa

    <mapframe text="Places in Gurjaradeśa, as mentioned in historical texts and determined from the find spots of inscriptions (blue). The neighbouring places are shown as triangles (gray)." width="400" height="400" zoom="5" longitude="74.01" latitude="25.30"> Wikipedia

  • Muslim conquests in the Indian subcontinent

    Muslim conquests in the Indian subcontinent mainly took place from the 12th to the 16th centuries, though earlier Muslim conquests include the invasions into modern Pakistan and the Umayyad campaigns in India, during the time of the Rajput kingdoms in the 8th century. Ideological link to the suzerainty of the Abbasid Caliphate, invaded and plundered vast parts of Punjab and Gujarat, starting from the Indus River, during the 10th century. Wikipedia

  • <mapframe text="The only extant inscription of Tribhuvanapala has been found at Kadi." width="400" height="400" zoom="5" longitude="72.33" latitude="23.30"> Wikipedia


    Sentences forChaulukya dynasty

    • The Chavdas ruled the eastern and central parts by the seventh century but came under Chaulukyas by the tenth century.Kutch district-Wikipedia
    • The Chaulukya dynasty ruled Gujarat from c. 960 to 1243.Gujarat-Wikipedia
    • Hemachandra also composed the Dvyashraya Kavya, an epic on the history of the Chaulukya dynasty, to illustrate his grammar.Hemachandra-Wikipedia
    • It was sponsored by King Bhimdev of the Chaulukya dynasty.Surya-Wikipedia
    • To illustrate the grammar, he produced the epic poetry Dvyashraya Kavya on the history of Chaulukya dynasty.Hemachandra-Wikipedia
    • Some scholars connect the Chalukyas with the Chaulukyas (Solankis) of Gujarat.Chalukya dynasty-Wikipedia

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