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China–Kazakhstan relations (Қазақ-Қытай қарым-қатынасы; ) refer to the relations between historical China and the Kazakhs up to the modern relations between the PRC and Kazakhstan. Wikipedia

  • Kazakhstan–Turkey relations

    Kazakh–Turkish relations are foreign relations between Kazakhstan and Turkey. Turkey recognized Kazakhstan on 16 December 1991, being the first state to recognize the independence of Kazakhstan, when Kazakhstan declared its independence. Wikipedia

  • Israel–Kazakhstan relations

    Israel–Kazakhstan relations refers to the current and historical relations between Israel and Kazakhstan. Both countries established diplomatic relations on April 10, 1992. Wikipedia

  • Azerbaijan–Kazakhstan relations

    Azerbaijan–Kazakhstan relations refer to foreign relations between Azerbaijan and Kazakhstan. Embassy in Nur-Sultan and a consulate in Aktau. Wikipedia

  • Kazakhstan–Malaysia relations refers to foreign relations between Kazakhstan and Malaysia. Embassy in Kuala Lumpur, and Malaysia has an embassy in Astana. Wikipedia

  • Kazakhstan–Poland relations

    Kazakhstan–Poland relations refer to bilateral relations between Kazakhstan and Poland. Embassy in Warsaw whilst Poland has an embassy in Nur-Sultan. Wikipedia

  • Kazakhstan–Netherlands relations refer to the bilateral relations between Kazakhstan and the Netherlands. Embassy in Nur-Sultan. Wikipedia


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