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Ongoing economic conflict between China and the United States. Wikipedia

  • Japan–South Korea trade dispute

    Ongoing economic conflict between Japan and South Korea, the world's third- and tenth- largest national economies, respectively. It has also been referred to as the Japan–South Korea economic war. Wikipedia

  • United States–Mexico–Canada Agreement

    Free trade agreement concluded between Canada, Mexico, and the United States as a successor to the North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA). The agreement has been characterized by some as "NAFTA 2.0," or "New NAFTA," since many provisions from NAFTA were incorporated and its changes were seen as largely incremental. Wikipedia

  • China–United States relations

    China–United States relations, also known as G2, U.S.–Chinese relations, Chinese–U.S. relations, U.S.-Sino relations or Sino-American relations, refer to relations between China and the United States. The relationship between the two countries has been complex, and varied from positive to highly negative. Wikipedia

  • Korean conflict

    Ongoing conflict based on the division of Korea between North Korea and South Korea (Republic of Korea), both of which claim to be the sole legitimate government and state of all of Korea. Backed by the Soviet Union, China, and its communist allies, while South Korea was backed by the United States and its Western allies. Wikipedia

  • War in Afghanistan (2001–present)

    Ongoing war following the United States invasion of Afghanistan that began when the United States of America and its allies successfully drove the Taliban from power in order to deny Al-Qaeda a safe base of operations in Afghanistan. Since the initial objectives were completed, a coalition of over 40 countries (including all NATO members) formed a security mission in the country called International Security Assistance Force (ISAF, succeeded by the Resolute Support Mission (RS) in 2014), of which certain members were involved in military combat allied with Afghanistan's government. Wikipedia

  • Australia–United States relations

    Australia–United States relations are the international relations between Australia and the United States. At the governmental level, Australia–United States relations are formalized by the ANZUS treaty and the Australia–United States Free Trade Agreement. Wikipedia


    Sentences forChina–United States trade war

    • Lee's fourth term as prime minister was marked by events such as the China–United States trade war, which adversely affected the nation's economy, being highly reliant on free markets and trade.Lee Hsien Loong-Wikipedia
    • Since the outbreak of the China-United States trade war in 2018, Xi has also revived calls for "self-reliance", especially on the matters of technology.Xi Jinping-Wikipedia
    • However, the ongoing China-U.S. trade war led many Virginia farmers to plant cotton instead of soybeans in 2019.Virginia-Wikipedia
    • Due to the vehicle being manufactured in China, Ford later announced that it would not release the Focus Active in the United States, due to tariffs imposed by the Trump administration on Chinese exports.Ford Motor Company-Wikipedia
    • From late 2020, production rate is to be reduced from 14 to 12 airplanes per month due to the China–United States trade war.Boeing 787 Dreamliner-Wikipedia
    • China was the biggest trading partner of the United States until 2019, when it dropped to the third place because of the ongoing trade war.China–United States relations-Wikipedia

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