Comics creators similar to or like Chris Batista

American comic book artist, known for his work on a number of titles for Marvel Comics and DC Comics, including Steel, Spaceknights and Thunderbolts. Wikipedia

  • Comic book artist who is known mostly for his inking work for Marvel and DC comics. Well known for his collaborations with Stuart Immonen. Wikipedia

  • Michael Choi (comics)

    Comic book artist and video game concept artist, known for his work on books by DC Comics, Marvel Comics and Top Cow Comics, such as Witchblade, X-23 and X-Force. Michael Choi went to business school at The University of Texas at Austin, and graduated with a degree in Management Information Systems. Wikipedia

  • Leandro Fernández (artist)

    Argentine comic book artist, known for his work on various Marvel, Image, and Vertigo comic book titles. Best known for providing the art for The Incredible Hulk, Wolverine and Spider-Man: Tangled Web series, as well as the "Operation: Crystal Ball" story arc of the Oni Press publication Queen & Country, written by Greg Rucka. Wikipedia

  • Clayton Henry

    Comic book artist, known mostly for his work for Marvel Comics. His first known works were providing the art on Nine Rings Of Wu-Tang and Area 52, and has since worked on such series as Exiles, Alpha Flight, New X-Men: Hellions, X-Men: Apocalypse vs. Dracula, and currently Uncanny X-Men. Wikipedia

  • Viktor Bogdanovic

    Comic book artist best known for his work on DC and Marvel superheroes. Born in Basel, Switzerland and moved to Berlin, Germany with his family. Wikipedia

  • Barry Kitson

    British comics artist best known as a penciler of major superhero comic books published by Marvel Comics and DC Comics. Spider-Man for Marvel UK. Wikipedia


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