Species similar to or like Ciconia nana

Extinct species of stork from the Pliocene of Australia. Wikipedia

  • Extinct species of stork from the Early Miocene of Australia. Described by Walter Boles from fossil material found in a cave deposit at the Bitesantennary Site of Riversleigh, in the Boodjamulla National Park of north-western Queensland. Wikipedia

  • Paludirex

    Extinct genus of mekosuchine crocodylians from the Pliocene and Pleistocene of Australia. Remains of this animal have been found in the Riversleigh lagerstätte of northwestern Queensland. Wikipedia

  • Giant malleefowl

    Extinct genus of megapode that was native to Australia. Described from Plio-Pleistocene deposits at the Darling Downs and Chinchilla in southeastern Queensland by Charles De Vis. Wikipedia

  • Fossil pelican from the Late Pliocene Kanunka fauna of the upper Tirari Formation, in the Lake Eyre basin of north-eastern South Australia.  Wikipedia

  • Euowenia

    Extinct genus of Diprotodontia which existed from the Pliocene to the upper Pleistocene. Only known from three locations on mainland Australia, Chinchilla in Queensland, Menindee in New South Wales and the Tirari formation on the Warburton River in the Lake Eyre basin. Wikipedia

  • Genus and species of extinct penguin from the Middle Pliocene of New Zealand. Slightly smaller than the extant Fiordland crested penguin. Wikipedia

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