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Major daily newspaper in Cincinnati, Ohio formed in 1896, and folded in 1930. Wikipedia

  • The Cincinnati Enquirer

    Morning daily newspaper published by Gannett in Cincinnati, Ohio, United States. Last remaining daily newspaper in Greater Cincinnati and Northern Kentucky, although the daily Journal-News competes with the Enquirer in the northern suburbs. Wikipedia

  • The Cincinnati Post

    Afternoon daily newspaper published in Cincinnati, Ohio, United States. Bundled inside a local edition called The Kentucky Post. Wikipedia

  • The Cincinnati Times-Star

    Afternoon daily newspaper in Cincinnati, Ohio, United States, from 1880 to 1958. Known as The Kentucky Times-Star, and a Sunday edition was known as The Sunday Times-Star. Wikipedia

  • Daily and weekly German-language newspaper based in Cincinnati, Ohio, published between 1850 and 1908 with offices located on the southwest corner of Vine and Longworth streets. Founded in October 1850 by Joseph A. Hemann and his editorials began appearing in March 1853 in the weekly edition called the Cincinnati Wöchentlicher Volksfreund. Wikipedia

  • Charter Party

    Minor political party, the third party of Cincinnati, Ohio. Members of this party are called Charterites. Wikipedia

  • Ohio Military Institute

    Higher education institution located in Cincinnati, Ohio. Founded in 1890, it closed in 1958. Wikipedia


    Sentences forCincinnati Commercial Tribune

    • Popular columns that Goss wrote for the Cincinnati Commercial Tribune as The Optimist were published as a book of the same name in 1897, and his writing career grew from there.Charles Frederic Goss-Wikipedia
    • The following year in an article in the Cincinnati Commercial, the term was modified to "grand old party."Republican Party (United States)-Wikipedia
    • McCay began working on the side for the Cincinnati Commercial Tribune, where he learned to draw with a dip pen under the tutelage of Commercial Tribune art room manager Joseph Alexander.Winsor McCay-Wikipedia
    • He began work on the Commercial on March 8, 1853, as a local reporter, and soon became news editor.Murat Halstead-Wikipedia
    • Bolton typically received little to no compensation for her work, although the Cincinnati Commercial once paid $15 for three of her poems.Sarah T. Bolton-Wikipedia
    • In the spring of 1879, through the acceptance of two papers on Margaret Fuller, Murat Halstead gave Whiting a place on his paper, the Cincinnati Commercial.Lilian Whiting-Wikipedia

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