Rail services similar to or like City of Memphis (train)

236.8 mi passenger train route operated by the Nashville, Chattanooga and St. Louis Railway connecting Nashville's Nashville Union Station and Memphis, Tennessee's Memphis Union Station. Wikipedia

  • Dixie Flyer (train)

    Premier named passenger train that operated from 1892 to 1965 via the "Dixie Route" from Chicago and St. Louis via Evansville, Nashville, and Atlanta to Florida. Atlanta to Florida operation, solely run by the Atlantic Coast Line Railroad and its successor. Wikipedia

  • Humming Bird (train)

    Named train of the Louisville and Nashville Railroad . The train, inaugurated in 1947, originally ran from Cincinnati, Ohio, to New Orleans, Louisiana, via Louisville, Nashville, Birmingham, Montgomery and Mobile and later via a connection at Bowling Green, Kentucky, to Memphis, Tennessee. Wikipedia

  • Dixie Flagler

    Streamlined passenger train operated by the Florida East Coast Railway between Chicago, Illinois and Miami, Florida. It began in 1939 as the Henry M. Flagler, a regional service between Miami and Jacksonville, Florida; the FEC renamed it and extended it to Chicago a year later. Wikipedia

  • Memphis Union Station

    Passenger terminal in Memphis, Tennessee. It served as a hub between railroads of the Southwest, the Missouri Pacific Railroad and the St. Louis Southwestern Railway, and railroads of the Southeast, the Louisville and Nashville Railroad, the Nashville, Chattanooga and St. Louis Railway and the Southern Railway. Wikipedia

  • Union Station (Nashville)

    Former railroad terminal designed by Richard Montfort, chief engineer of the Louisville and Nashville Railroad, and built in 1900 to serve the passengers of the eight railroads that provided passenger service to Nashville, Tennessee, at the time. Spanned by a viaduct adjacent to the station and positioned to the east and above a natural railroad cut, through which most of the tracks in the area were routed. Wikipedia

  • Long distance passenger train operated by the Louisville and Nashville Railroad in conjunction with the Chicago and Eastern Illinois Railroad. Operated between St. Louis St. Louis Union Station and Atlanta's Atlanta Union Station with a section operated by the C&EI from Evansville to Chicago's Dearborn Station. Wikipedia


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