Waterfalls similar to or like Cohoes Falls

Waterfall on the Mohawk River shared by the city of Cohoes and the town of Waterford, New York. Wikipedia

  • Mohawk River

    149 mi river in the U.S. state of New York. Largest tributary of the Hudson River. Wikipedia

  • Cohoes, New York

    Incorporated city located in the northeast corner of Albany County in the U.S. state of New York. Called the "Spindle City" because of the importance of textile manufacturing to its growth in the 19th century. Wikipedia

  • Downtown Cohoes Historic District

    The Downtown Cohoes Historic District takes up 35 acre of the city of Cohoes, New York, United States. Many of the 165 contributing properties date from the 1820-1930 period when the Erie Canal and Harmony Mills were the mainstay of the city's economy. Wikipedia

  • Upstate New York

    Geographic region consisting of the portion of New York lying north of the New York City metropolitan area. Debated, Upstate New York excludes New York City and Long Island, and most definitions of the region exclude all or part of Westchester and Rockland counties. Wikipedia

  • National Scenic Byway in the Capital District region of New York in the United States. It extends from Schenectady to Waterford by way of a series of local, county, and state highways along the Mohawk River and the Erie Canal. Wikipedia

  • Harmony Mills

    Industrial district that is bordered by the Mohawk River and the tracks of the former Troy and Schenectady Railroad . Listed as Harmony Mills Historic District on the National Register of Historic Places in 1978. Wikipedia


    Sentences forCohoes Falls

    • Cohoes is named for its most famous landmark, the Cohoes Falls, a majestic waterfall first seen by the area's successive generations of indigenous peoples.Cohoes, New York-Wikipedia
    • Albany is the farthest north an ocean ship can sail up the Hudson, and Schenectady is the easternmost point of navigation on the Mohawk due to (Cohoes Falls).Central Avenue (Albany, New York)-Wikipedia
    • After climbing a tree high above Kahon:ios (Cohoes Falls), the Great Peacemaker told the Mohawk warriors to chop the tree down.Great Peacemaker-Wikipedia
    • It was conceived as a means of allowing Erie Canal passengers to quickly bypass the circuitous Cohoes Falls via steam powered trains.Albany and Schenectady Railroad-Wikipedia
    • The Waterford Flight locks were opened around 1918 to replace earlier locks that had first allowed boat traffic to bypass nearby Cohoes Falls, which had previously blocked all river traffic between the Mohawk and the Hudson Rivers.Waterford (village), New York-Wikipedia
    • In 1849, Silliman & Stephen C. Miller purchased a newspaper, and established the Cohoes Cataract; Silliman was publisher until 1851.Horace Silliman-Wikipedia

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