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American-born jazz, spiritual and pop music singer (lyrical and dramatic soprano), dancer, and actress in the Russian Empire and the Soviet Union. Wikipedia

  • American-born jazz, spiritual and pop music singer, dancer and actress who was well known in France, United Kingdom and Romania. Born in Augusta, Georgia in the winter of 1898 to C.J. and Alice Jackson, who were both sharecroppers in Berrien County, Georgia. Wikipedia

  • American-born Russian actress, singer, dancer, cabaret artist, and writer. Born to a poor Negro family in the southern city of Augusta, along Georgia's Savannah River, on October 7, 1871. Wikipedia

  • American-born Dutch singer, dancer and cabaret artist. Born on September 14, 1880 in Stauton, Virginia to Elizabeth Davidsen and William Fitch. Wikipedia

  • Afro American singer. Thought to be among the first black-American artists to record in Europe, making recordings of songs by Stephen Foster. Wikipedia

  • American-born Russian actress, singer, dancer and cabaret artist. Born on July 7, 1879 in Bedford County to Susan Hobson and an unknown father. Wikipedia

  • American-born Mexican dancer, jazz and Latin American music singer, and actress, who came to be known in the United States and Mexico as Paquita Zarate. Myrtle Watkins, born, Myrtle Dillard in Birmingham, Alabama, in June 1908 as the fifth child of Betty S. and Jasper L. Dillard. Wikipedia


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