English counties similar to or like Cornwall

Ceremonial county in South West England. Wikipedia

  • South West England

    One of nine official regions of England. It consists of the counties of Bristol, Cornwall (including the Isles of Scilly), Dorset, Devon, Gloucestershire, Somerset and Wiltshire. Wikipedia

  • England

    Country that is part of the United Kingdom. It shares land borders with Wales to its west and Scotland to its north. Wikipedia

  • Devon

    County of England, reaching from the Bristol Channel in the north to the English Channel in the south. Part of South West England, bounded by Cornwall to the west, Somerset to the north-east and Dorset to the east. Wikipedia

  • Dumnonia

    Latinised name for the Brythonic kingdom in Sub-Roman Britain between the late 4th and late 8th centuries, in what is now the more westerly parts of South West England. Centred in the area later called Devon, but included modern Cornwall and part of Somerset, with its eastern boundary changing over time as the gradual westward expansion of the neighbouring Anglo-Saxon kingdom of Wessex encroached on its territory. Wikipedia

  • Exeter

    City in Devon, England, on the River Exe 36 mi northeast of Plymouth and 65 mi southwest of Bristol. County town of Devon, and home to Devon County Council and the University of Exeter. Wikipedia

  • Cornish nationalism

    Cultural, political and social movement that seeks the recognition of Cornwall – the south-westernmost part of the island of Great Britain – as a nation distinct from England. Usually based on three general arguments: Wikipedia


    Sentences forCornwall

    • This term came to be applied exclusively to the inhabitants of what is now Wales, but it also survives in names such as Wallace and in the second syllable of Cornwall.Great Britain-Wikipedia
    • It is spoken by 0.1% of people in Cornwall, and is taught to some degree in several primary and secondary schools.England-Wikipedia
    • Phoenician traders colonised the islands sometime after 1000 BC as a stop on their trade routes from the eastern Mediterranean to Cornwall, joining the natives on the island.Malta-Wikipedia
    • The schools and aerial photographers, H Tempest Ltd, were Nottingham-based for many years, until relocating to St. Ives (Cornwall) January 1959.Nottingham-Wikipedia
    • Early Methodism was particularly prominent in Devon and Cornwall, which were key centers of activity by the Bible Christian faction of Methodists.Methodism-Wikipedia
    • In Cornwall, the WGS 84 longitude lines are about 70 metres east of their OSGB 36 equivalents, this value rising gradually to about 120 m east on the east coast of East Anglia.Ordnance Survey National Grid-Wikipedia

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