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The ruler of the county of Anjou, first granted by Charles the Bald in the 9th century to Robert the Strong. Wikipedia

  • Anjou

    French province straddling the lower Loire River. Angers and it was roughly coextensive with the diocese of Angers. Wikipedia

  • The Countesses and Duchesses of Anjou were the wives of the ruling counts of Anjou and later the nominal French counts and dukes of Anjou. Tradition to award the son with the title of Duke of Orléans when they marry. Wikipedia

  • House of Plantagenet

    Royal house which originated from the lands of Anjou in France. Used by modern historians to identify four distinct royal houses: the Angevins, who were also counts of Anjou; the main body of the Plantagenets following the loss of Anjou; and the Plantagenets' two cadet branches, the houses of Lancaster and York. Wikipedia

  • Grant of an estate, title, office or other thing of value to a younger child of a sovereign, who would otherwise have no inheritance under the system of primogeniture. Common in much of Europe. Wikipedia

  • List of rulers of the Kingdom of Naples, from its first separation from the Kingdom of Sicily to its merger with the same into the Kingdom of the Two Sicilies. Inherited by Charles III, King of Hungary, Great grandson of King Charles II of Naples. Wikipedia

  • History of France

    The first written records for the History of France appeared in the Iron Age. Now France made up the bulk of the region known to the Romans as Gaul. Wikipedia


    Sentences forCounts and dukes of Anjou

    • Stephen returned to the Duchy in 1137, where he met with Louis VI and Theobald to agree to an informal alliance against Geoffrey and Matilda, to counter the growing Angevin power in the region.Empress Matilda-Wikipedia
    • Henry II was the first of the Angevin rulers of England, so-called because he was also the Count of Anjou in Northern France.England in the Middle Ages-Wikipedia
    • Henry II inherited the Duchy of Normandy and the County of Anjou, and married France's newly single ex-queen, Eleanor of Aquitaine, who ruled much of southwest France, in 1152.Kingdom of France-Wikipedia
    • The team's mascot is an eagle-owl, or grand duc (literally great duke) in French, but its name is primarily intended as a reference to the prestigious Dukes of Anjou lineage.Ducs d'Angers-Wikipedia
    • Many courtiers bought dilapidated castles built by the medieval Counts of Blois and of Anjou, and had them reconstructed in the latest Italianate fashion.Châteaux of the Loire Valley-Wikipedia
    • Philippe was styled Duke of Anjou from birth; this title had last been bestowed on his father, from his own birth in 1710 until his accession to the throne in 1715.Philippe, Duke of Anjou-Wikipedia

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