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Administrative or political subdivision of a state that consists of a geographic region with specific boundaries and usually some level of governmental authority. Wikipedia

  • County statistics of the United States

    Used for the level of local government immediately below the state itself. Louisiana uses parishes, and Alaska uses boroughs. Wikipedia

  • List of counties by U.S. state and territory

    List of the 3,142 counties and county-equivalents in the 50 states and District of Columbia sorted by U.S. state, plus an additional 100 county-equivalents in the U.S. territories sorted by territory. The State of Alabama comprises 67 counties. Wikipedia

  • List of United States counties and county equivalents

    This article lists the 3,143 counties and county equivalents of the United States. The 50 states of the United States are divided into 3,007 counties, political and geographic subdivisions of a state. Wikipedia

  • Political divisions of the United States

    Political divisions of the United States are the various recognized governing entities that together form the United States – states, the District of Columbia, territories and Indian reservations. State. Wikipedia

  • FIPS state codes were numeric and two-letter alphabetic codes defined in U.S. Federal Information Processing Standard Publication ("FIPS PUB") 5-2 to identify U.S. states and certain other associated areas. Superseded on September 2, 2008, by ANSI standard INCITS 38:2009. Wikipedia

  • List of United States counties by per capita income. Data for the 50 states and the District of Columbia is from the 2009–2013 American Community Survey 5-Year Estimates; data for Puerto Rico is from the 2013–2017 American Community Survey 5-Year estimates, and data for the other U.S. territories is from the 2010 U.S. Census. State income levels and income data for the United States as a whole are included for comparison. Wikipedia

  • County seat

    Administrative center, seat of government, or capital city of a county or civil parish. Used in Canada, China, Romania, Taiwan, Hungary and the United States. Wikipedia

  • Local government in the United States

    Local government in the United States refers to governmental jurisdictions below the level of the state. Most states and territories have at least two tiers of local government: counties and municipalities. Wikipedia

  • Sheriffs in the United States

    Official in a county or independent city responsible for keeping the peace and enforcing the law. Unlike most officials in law enforcement in the United States, sheriffs are usually elected, although some states have laws requiring certain law enforcement qualifications of candidates. Wikipedia

  • List of North American Numbering Plan area codes

    The North American Numbering Plan (NANP) divides the regions of its member nations into geographic numbering plan areas (NPAs). Assigned a three-digit area code which is prefixed to each telephone number issued in its service area. Wikipedia

  • List of regions of the United States

    List of some of the regions in the United States. Many regions are defined in law or regulations by the federal government; others by shared culture and history; and others by economic factors. Wikipedia

  • List of dry communities by U.S. state

    The following list of dry areas by U.S. state details all of the counties / parishes / boroughs / municipalities in the United States of America that ban the sale of alcoholic beverages. For more background information, see dry county and Prohibition in the United States. Wikipedia

  • ZIP Code

    Postal code used by the United States Postal Service . Introduced in 1963, the basic format consisted of five digits. Wikipedia

  • Index of United States–related articles

    Alphabetical list of articles related to the United States of America. .gov – Internet top-level domain for the government of the United States Wikipedia

  • List of the most populous counties in the United States

    List of the 100 most populous counties in the United States based on the national decennial US census conducted on April 1, 2010 and subsequent mid-2010 and mid-2019 official estimates released by the United States Census Bureau . Many of the counties on the list include major cities or metropolitan areas in all parts of the United States. Wikipedia

  • List of United States cities by population density

    List of incorporated places in the United States with a population density of over 10,000 people per square mile. Incorporated place is defined as a place that has a self-governing local government and as such has been "incorporated" by the state it is in. Wikipedia

  • County

    Geographical region of a country used for administrative or other purposes in certain modern nations. Derived from the Old French or cunté denoting a jurisdiction under the sovereignty of a count or a viscount. Wikipedia

  • List of U.S. counties named after presidents of the United States

    List of U.S. counties named after presidents of the United States. 24 presidents have U.S. counties or county equivalents named after them. Wikipedia

  • List of the 100 largest counties in the United States by area. Based upon the total area of a county, both land and water surface, reported by the United States Census Bureau during the 2000 Census. Wikipedia

  • Historic regions of the United States

    List of historic regions of the United States that existed at some time during the territorial evolution of the United States and its overseas possessions, from the colonial era to the present day. It includes formally organized territories, proposed and failed states, unrecognized breakaway states, international and interstate purchases, cessions, and land grants, and historical military departments and administrative districts. Wikipedia

  • This list of United States disasters by death toll includes disasters that occurred either in the United States, at diplomatic missions of the United States, or incidents outside of the United States in which a number of U.S. citizens were killed. Epidemics with lower death tolls are not included below. Wikipedia

  • Religion in the United States

    Diverse, with Christianity and specifically Protestantism being the majority religion, although declining at rapid pace. Various religious faiths have flourished within the United States. Wikipedia

  • California

    State in the Pacific Coast region of the United States. Most populous U.S. state and the third-largest by area, as well as the world's thirty-fourth-most-populous subnational entity. Wikipedia

  • List of capitals in the United States

    List of capital cities of the United States, including places that serve or have served as federal, state, insular area, territorial, colonial, and Native American capitals. Washington, D.C., has been the federal capital city of the United States since 1800. Wikipedia

  • This article includes information about the 100 most populous incorporated cities, the 100 most populous Core Based Statistical Areas (CBSAs), and the 100 most populous Primary Statistical Areas (PSAs) of the United States and Puerto Rico. Displayed in two tables. Wikipedia

  • 2018 United States elections

    The 2018 United States elections were held on Tuesday, November 6, 2018. These midterm elections occurred during the presidency of Republican Donald Trump. Wikipedia

  • List of country subdivisions. List of countries and dependencies by area Wikipedia

  • 2010 United States census

    The twenty-third United States national census. April 1, 2010. Wikipedia

  • Demographics of Filipino Americans

    The demographics of Filipino Americans describe a heterogeneous group of people in the United States who trace their ancestry to the Philippines. As of the 2010 Census, there were 3.4 million Filipino Americans, including Multiracial Americans who were part Filipino living in the US; in 2011 the United States Department of State estimating the population at four million. Wikipedia

  • The table below indicates the types and, where known, numbers of administrative divisions used by countries and their major dependent territories. Ordered alphabetically by country name in English. Wikipedia


Sentences forCounty (United States)

  • States are divided into counties or county-equivalents, which may be assigned some local governmental authority but are not sovereign.U.S. state-Wikipedia
  • Unlike many other states, significant autonomy is granted to many of Maryland's counties.Maryland-Wikipedia
  • The state is divided into 92 counties, which are led by a board of county commissioners.Indiana-Wikipedia
  • St. Louis is one of the 41 independent cities in the U.S. that does not legally belong to any county.St. Louis-Wikipedia
  • The local government's duties are commonly split between county and municipal governments.United States-Wikipedia
  • California is divided into 58 counties.California-Wikipedia

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