Software similar to or like Déjà Vu (software)

Computer-assisted translation tool with its own program interface. Wikipedia

  • OmegaT

    Computer-assisted translation tool written in the Java programming language. Free software originally developed by Keith Godfrey in 2000, and is currently developed by a team led by Aaron Madlon-Kay. Wikipedia

  • Virtaal

    Computer-assisted translation tool written in the Python programming language. Free software developed and maintained by Wikipedia

  • Proprietary computer-assisted translation software suite which runs on Microsoft Windows operating systems. Developed by the Hungarian software company memoQ Fordítástechnológiai Zrt. Wikipedia

  • Translation Computer Assisted Tool, or CAT, developed by the University of Edinburgh. Online platform, Caitra is based on AJAX Web.2 technologies and the Moses decoder. Wikipedia

  • Use of software to assist a human translator in the translation process. Created by a human, and certain aspects of the process are facilitated by software; this is in contrast with machine translation , in which the translation is created by a computer, optionally with some human intervention (e.g. pre-editing and post-editing). Wikipedia

  • Cloud-based commercial translation management system and computer assisted translation tool. Developed by Memsource a.s., headquartered in Prague, Czech Republic. Wikipedia


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