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Research laboratory created by Digital Equipment Corporation (DEC) in 1984, in Palo Alto, California. Wikipedia

  • Digital Equipment Corporation

    Major American company in the computer industry from the 1960s to the 1990s. Co-founded by Ken Olsen and Harlan Anderson in 1957. Wikipedia

  • PARC (company)

    Research and development company in Palo Alto, California. Originally a division of Xerox, and was tasked with creating computer technology-related products and hardware systems. Wikipedia

  • History of Digital Equipment Corporation

    Major American company in the computer industry. Founded in 1957 with $70,000 of venture capital, it became "the nation's second-largest computer company, after IBM." Wikipedia


    Independent computer user group related to Digital Equipment Corporation (DEC). Hewlett-Packard’s largest user community representing more than 50,000 participants. Wikipedia

  • Alan Kotok

    American computer scientist known for his work at Digital Equipment Corporation (Digital, or DEC) and at the World Wide Web Consortium (W3C). Steven Levy, in his book Hackers: Heroes of the Computer Revolution, describes Kotok and his classmates at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) as the first true hackers. Wikipedia

  • Xerox Alto

    First computer designed from its inception to support an operating system based on a graphical user interface , later using the desktop metaphor. The first machines were introduced on 1 March 1973, a decade before mass-market GUI machines became available. Wikipedia


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