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American gothic soap opera that originally aired weekdays on the ABC television network, from June 27, 1966, to April 2, 1971. Wikipedia

  • Julia Hoffman

    Fictional character played by Grayson Hall in the 1966 ABC soap opera Dark Shadows. A self-serving and conniving doctor in the fields of psychology and rare blood disorders and head of the Windcliff Sanitarium, she moved into Collinwood and discovered the vampire Barnabas Collins. Wikipedia

  • Name of several characters featured in the 1966–1971 ABC cult TV Gothic horror-soap opera Dark Shadows. All variations of the character have been played by actor David Selby. Wikipedia

  • American gothic soap opera that originally aired weekdays on the ABC television network, from June 27, 1966, to April 2, 1971. Pre-empted 20 times. Wikipedia

  • House of Dark Shadows

    1970 American feature-length horror film directed by Dan Curtis, based on his Dark Shadows television series . In this film expansion, vampire Barnabas Collins (Jonathan Frid) searches for a cure for vampirism so he can marry a woman who resembles his long-lost fiancée Josette (Kathryn Leigh Scott). Wikipedia

  • Fictional character from the television Gothic soap opera Dark Shadows and its remakes of the same name. Originated by Alexandra Moltke on the ABC series from 1966 to 1968. Wikipedia

  • Fictional character, a featured role in the ABC daytime serial Dark Shadows, which aired from 1966 to 1971. 175-year-old vampire in search of fresh blood and his lost love, Josette. Wikipedia


    Sentences forDark Shadows

    • In the 1960’s gothic soap opera Dark Shadows, Bangor, Maine is often mentioned as the neighboring town of Collinsport Maine, the fictional town where the series mainly takes place in.Bangor, Maine-Wikipedia
    • In the 1960s, she achieved success for her portrayal of Elizabeth Collins Stoddard on TV's gothic fan favorite, Dark Shadows, for which she received an Emmy nomination (1968).Joan Bennett-Wikipedia
    • The film was based on a Gothic soap opera of the same name, which had aired in 1966–1971 and had been one of his favorites as a child.Johnny Depp-Wikipedia
    • The 1960s Gothic television series Dark Shadows borrowed liberally from the Gothic tradition, featuring elements such as haunted mansions, vampires, witches, doomed romances, werewolves, obsession and madness.Gothic fiction-Wikipedia
    • Pfieffer reunited with Tim Burton, her Batman Returns director, in Dark Shadows (2012), based on the gothic television soap opera of the same name.Michelle Pfeiffer-Wikipedia
    • In contrast, Dark Shadows (1966–1971), Port Charles (1997–2003) and Passions (1999-2008) featured supernatural characters and dealt with fantasy and horror storylines.Soap opera-Wikipedia

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