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Canadian stage magician, sleight of hand artist, illusionist, author, publisher, keynote speaker, magic historian, magic consultant, magic collector and former tax lawyer. Wikipedia

  • American stage magician, magic consultant, comedian, actor, ventriloquist and writer based in New York. Currently "lifetime dean" of the Society of American Magicians, Wikipedia

  • Sleight of hand maneuver used by magicians in card magic. Method by which the identity of the top card may be kept secret by lifting the top two cards as one, making it seem as if only the top card is picked up. Wikipedia

  • American magician, author, publisher, magic historian and collector. Life-member of the Magic Castle in Hollywood and a member of The Magic Circle of London. Wikipedia

  • Doug McKenzie (magician)

    Magician, mentalist, magic consultant, and magic television producer based in New York City. His brand of magic - "Magic2.0" - merges traditional sleight of hand techniques with technology, using phones, robots, and artificial intelligence. Wikipedia

  • List of magicians/illusionists, prestidigitators, mentalists, escapologists, and other practitioners of stage magic. For the list of supernatural magicians, see List of occultists. Wikipedia

  • Peter Marvey

    Magician and illusionist best known for his combination of sleight of hand and large-scale stage illusions. Fascinated with any form of flying, whether the flight of birds, stage "flying" or aviation. Wikipedia


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