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American actor best known for playing martial arts roles. Wikipedia

  • Kung Fu (1972 TV series)

    American action-adventure martial arts Western drama television series starring David Carradine. The series follows the adventures of Kwai Chang Caine, a Shaolin monk who travels through the American Old West, armed only with his spiritual training and his skill in martial arts, as he seeks Danny Caine, his half-brother. Wikipedia

  • Keith Carradine

    American actor, singer, and songwriter who has had success on stage, film, and television. Known for his roles as Tom Frank in Robert Altman's film Nashville, Wild Bill Hickok in the HBO series Deadwood, FBI agent Frank Lundy in Dexter, Lou Solverson in the first season of Fargo, and US President Conrad Dalton in Madam Secretary. Wikipedia

  • Martin Scorsese

    American film director, producer, screenwriter, and actor. Widely regarded as one of the most significant and influential directors in film history. Wikipedia

  • Bill Paxton

    American actor, musician, director, producer and writer. He appeared in films such as Weird Science (1985), Near Dark (1987), True Lies (1994), Apollo 13 (1995), Twister (1996) and Titanic (1997). Wikipedia

  • David Carradine filmography

    Filmography of actor and director David Carradine .  Wikipedia

  • Buster Keaton

    American actor, comedian, film director, producer, screenwriter, and stunt performer. Best known for his silent films, in which his trademark was physical comedy with a consistently stoic, deadpan expression that earned him the nickname "The Great Stone Face". Wikipedia


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