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Popular song with music by Axel Stordahl and Paul Weston and lyrics by Sammy Cahn. Wikipedia

  • Popular song with music by Axel Stordahl and Paul Weston and lyrics by Sammy Cahn, published in 1944. Cahn said that the title came to him by the time they played the first 4 bars. Wikipedia

  • Popular song with music by Jerome Kern, and lyrics about nostalgia by Ira Gershwin from the 1944 Technicolor film musical Cover Girl starring Rita Hayworth and Gene Kelly and released by Columbia Pictures. Nominated for the Academy Award for Best Original Song in 1944 but lost out to “Swinging on a Star”, from Going My Way. Wikipedia

  • Popular song first popularized by Frank Sinatra, with music written by James Van Heusen and lyrics by Sammy Cahn. Introduced by Sinatra and child actor Eddie Hodges in the 1959 film A Hole in the Head, was nominated for a Grammy, and won an Oscar for Best Original Song at the 32nd Academy Awards. Wikipedia

  • Popular song composed by Jimmy Van Heusen, with lyrics by Sammy Cahn. Written for the 1955 film The Tender Trap, where it was introduced by Debbie Reynolds and Frank Sinatra, who each sing the song separately. Wikipedia

  • Song with words by Sammy Cahn and music by Jimmy Van Heusen. Introduced in the 1960 film High Time, sung by Bing Crosby with Henry Mancini conducting his orchestra, and was nominated for the Academy Award for Best Original Song. Wikipedia

  • List of popular Christmas songs recorded by various artists, many of which have hit on various charts, mostly in the United States . The year indicates the original year of release for that artist's recorded version of the single or track, which may not necessarily be the first year the artist's version appeared on one or more popular music charts by various music trade publications. Wikipedia


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