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Ancient port located near modern Karachi, Pakistan. Wikipedia

  • Demographic history of Karachi

    The Demographic history of Karachi of Sindh, Pakistan. The city of Karachi grew from a small fishing village to a megacity in last 175 years. Wikipedia

  • Karachi Harbour

    Narrow bay and river estuary located west of the Indus River Delta in Karachi, Pakistan. The harbour lies between the Lyari River delta and Chinna Creek to the north, and the Arabian Sea to the south. Wikipedia

  • Ancient name for Manora Island, located In Karachi, Pakistan. Alexander the Great camped to prepare a fleet for Babylonia after his campaign in the Indus valley; 'Morontobara' island (ancient Manora Island near Karachi Harbour), from where Alexander's admiral Nearchus set sail; and Barbarikon (Βαρβαρικόν), a port of the Indo-Greek Bactrian kingdom. Wikipedia

  • Also a port located at modern Karachi and the old name of Karachi, Sindh, Pakistan. Port developed when an old fisherwoman by the name of Mai Kolachi settled near the delta of the Indus River to start a community. Wikipedia

  • Ancient port located in what is now the modern city of Karachi, in the Sindh province of Pakistan. Known to the ancient Greeks: in fact, Krokola was the place where Alexander the Great camped to prepare a fleet for Babylonia after completing his campaign in the Indus valley. Wikipedia

  • Karachi

    Capital of the Pakistani province of Sindh. Largest city in Pakistan and the twelfth largest city in the world. Wikipedia


    Sentences forDebal

    • At the port city of Debal, most of the Bawarij embraced Islam and became known as Sindhi Sailors, who were renowned for their navigation, geography and languages.Sindh-Wikipedia
    • In 711 CE, Muhammad bin Qasim conquered the Sindh and Indus Valley and the port of Debal, from where he launched his forces further into the Indus Valley in 712.Karachi-Wikipedia
    • Most of the towns seem to have submitted to Arab rule under peace treaties, although there was fierce resistance in other areas, including by the forces of Raja Dahir at the capital city Debal.Early Muslim conquests-Wikipedia
    • According to Tarikh-i-Hind (also known as the Chach Nama) by 6th century AD there existed a port called Debal in what is now the western part of the Indus delta.Indus River Delta-Wikipedia
    • During his reign from 1461 to 1509, Nindó greatly expanded the new capital of Thatta and its Makli hills, which replaced Debal.Sindh-Wikipedia
    • In 711 CE, bin Qasim attacked at Debal and, on orders of Al-Hajjaj, freed the earlier captives and prisoners from the previous (failed) campaign.Raja Dahir-Wikipedia

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