Automobiles similar to or like Dodge Magnum

Nameplate used by several Dodge vehicles, at different times and on various markets. Wikipedia

  • Dodge Dart

    Line of automobiles marketed by Dodge from the 1959 to 1976 model years in North America, with production extended to later years in various other markets. Later modified and renamed the Dart Diablo. Wikipedia

  • Dodge

    American brand of automobile and a division of Stellantis, based in Auburn Hills, Michigan. Chrysler's mid-priced brand above Plymouth. Wikipedia

  • Dodge Monaco

    Automobile that was marketed by the Dodge division of Chrysler Corporation. Introduced for 1965 to replace the Custom 880, later superseding the Polara model line. Wikipedia

  • Dodge Diplomat

    American mid-size car that was produced by Dodge from 1977 to 1989. Built using the same design as the Plymouth Gran Fury in the U.S. market and the Plymouth Caravelle in Canada. Wikipedia

  • Dodge Charger

    Model of automobile marketed by Dodge. Show car in 1964. Wikipedia

  • Dodge Coronet

    Automobile that was marketed by Dodge in seven generations. The division's highest trim line and moved to the lowest level starting in 1955 through 1959. Wikipedia


    Sentences forDodge Magnum

    • The Petty Enterprises Team could not get the new 1978 Dodge Magnum to handle properly, even though much time, effort, and faith were spent massaging the cars.Richard Petty-Wikipedia
    • Robbins had a few major wrecks during the 1970s, and he had Owens rebuild the car to update the sheet metal to the 1973–1974 Charger specifications, and then finally 1978 Dodge Magnum sheet metal, which he raced until the end of 1980.Marty Robbins-Wikipedia
    • He won the very first race he entered, the 1979 Daytona ARCA 200, in one of his father's old 1978 Dodge Magnum race cars; at the time, Petty became the youngest driver to win a major-league stock car race.Kyle Petty-Wikipedia
    • Many in racing circles thought 1978 would be his year to dominate, but troubles with his cars (the new for '78 Dodge Magnum) and financial problems between Hyde and Stacy caused his cars to fail and to drop out of many races.Neil Bonnett-Wikipedia
    • The team could not get their Dodge Magnum to handle the way they wanted, even though they spent countless hours trying to improve the car's performance.Petty Enterprises-Wikipedia
    • These models included the Dodge Challenger SRT (2008–current), Dodge Charger SRT (2006–current), Dodge Magnum SRT (2006–2008) and Dodge Durango SRT (2018-current-).Dodge-Wikipedia

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