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American announcer and actor in radio and television, with a Falstaffian vocal presence, remembered best as the rotund announcer and comic foil to the star of The Jack Benny Program. Wikipedia

  • American radio and television announcer who was best known as the voice who announced for the television shows Leave It to Beaver and Ozzie and Harriet. Also the announcer for the first radio sitcom by Lucille Ball, My Favorite Husband, as well as for the first television pilot episode of I Love Lucy. Wikipedia

  • Harry Bartell

    American actor and announcer in radio, television and film. One of the busiest West Coast character actors from the early 1940s until the end of network radio drama in the 1960s. Wikipedia

  • American radio and television announcer once known as "the voice of NBC". Casper Bernard Kuhn Sr. and his mother was Aida Perisutti, both of Nashville. Wikipedia

  • Johnny Olson

    American radio personality and television announcer. Perhaps best known for his work as an announcer for game shows, particularly the work he did for Mark Goodson-Bill Todman Productions. Wikipedia

  • Dick Joy

    American radio and television announcer. A journalism major at the University of Southern California, he went on to become well known on network radio and television. Wikipedia

  • American radio and television announcer. Pronounced "reeg." Wikipedia


    Sentences forDon Wilson (announcer)

    • Announcer Don Wilson was to say he heard Jack had brought a new lawsuit against Drew Pearson, but misspoke Pearson's name: "Drear Pewson."Drew Pearson (journalist)-Wikipedia
    • Early in the show, announcer Don Wilson mispronounced columnist Drew Pearson's name as "Drear Pooson," which got a big laugh.Frank Nelson (actor)-Wikipedia
    • The Cutlers go fishing with friends (Don Wilson and Lurene Tuttle) in a launch on a section of the Niagara River above the Falls.Niagara (film)-Wikipedia
    • In honor of Valentine's Day 1959, Western Union introduced the Candygram, a box of chocolates accompanying a telegram that was featured in a commercial with the rotund Don Wilson.Western Union-Wikipedia
    • Don Wilson also released children's records.Capitol Records-Wikipedia
    • For its airings on the U.S. Armed Forces Radio Service (for which it was retitled Hollywood Radio Theater), the program was hosted by Don Wilson in the early 1950s.Lux Radio Theatre-Wikipedia

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