Military conflicts similar to or like Donbass Strategic Offensive (July 1943)

Military campaign fought in the Donets Basin from 17 July 1943 and 2 August 1943 between the German and Soviet armed forces on the Eastern Front of World War II. Wikipedia

  • Battle of the Dnieper

    Military campaign that took place in 1943 on the Eastern Front of World War II. One of the largest operations in World War II, involving almost 4,000,000 troops at a time stretched on a 1400 km long front. Wikipedia

  • Donbass Strategic Offensive (August 1943)

    Strategic operation of the Red Army on the Eastern Front of World War II with the goal of the liberation the Donbass. The Donbass operation began on August 13, 1943 with the offensive of the right wing of the Southwestern Front. Wikipedia

  • Case Blue

    The German Armed Forces' name for its plan for the 1942 strategic summer offensive in southern Russia between 28 June and 24 November 1942, during World War II. Continuation of the previous year's Operation Barbarossa, intended to knock the Soviet Union out of the war. Wikipedia

  • Dnieper–Carpathian Offensive

    Strategic offensive executed by the Soviet 1st, 2nd, 3rd, and 4th Ukrainian Fronts, along with the 2nd Belorussian Front, against the German Army Group South and Army Group A, and fought from 24 December 1943 – 17 April 1944. The battles on the right-bank Ukraine and in the Crimea were the most important event of the 1944 winter-spring campaign on the Eastern Front. Wikipedia

  • Operation Little Saturn

    Red Army operation on the Eastern Front of World War II that led to battles in the North Caucasus and Donets Basin regions of the Soviet Union from December 1942 to February 1943. The success of Operation Uranus, launched on 19 November 1942, had trapped 250,000–300,000 troops of General Friedrich Paulus' German 6th Army and parts of General Hoth’s 4th Panzer Army in Stalingrad. Wikipedia

  • Battle of Stalingrad

    In the Battle of Stalingrad (23 August 19422 February 1943), Germany and its allies fought the Soviet Union for control of the city of Stalingrad (now Volgograd) in Southern Russia. One of the bloodiest battles in the history of warfare, with an estimated 2 million total casualties. Wikipedia


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