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Chinese warlord and politician, a commander of the Beiyang Army and the acting Chief Executive of the Republic of China (in Beijing) from 1924 to 1926. Wikipedia

  • List of the Premiers of China from 1911–1912 during the Qing dynasty, 1912 onwards of the Republic of China and 1949 onwards of the People's Republic of China. In around 1130 BC, by King Tang of the Shang dynasty. Wikipedia

  • List of the Premiers of the Republic of China since 1912. The Republic of China before 1949 controlled Mainland China as well as offshore islands. Wikipedia

  • Feng Guozhang

    Chinese general and politician in early republican China. He held the office of Vice-President and then President of the Republic of China. Wikipedia

  • Beiyang government

    The Beiyang government, officially the Republic of China , also sometimes spelled Peiyang Government or the First Republic of China, refers to the government of the Republic of China which sat in its capital Peking between 1912 and 1928. Internationally recognized as the legitimate Chinese government. Wikipedia

  • Feng Yü-hsiang

    Warlord and a leader of the Republic of China from Chaohu, Anhui. He served as Vice Premier of the Republic of China from 1928 to 1930. Wikipedia

  • Cao Kun

    Chinese warlord and politician, who served the President of the Republic of China from 1923 to 1924, as well as the military leader of the Zhili clique in the Beiyang Army; he also served as a trustee of the Catholic University of Peking. Born to a poor family in Tianjin. Wikipedia


    Sentences forDuan Qirui

    • During his three years of effective exile, Yuan kept contact with his close allies, including Duan Qirui, who reported to him regularly about army proceedings.Yuan Shikai-Wikipedia
    • The city came under national spotlight again in 1917, when Prime Minister Duan Qirui's abrogation of the constitution triggered the Constitutional Protection Movement.Guangzhou-Wikipedia
    • In the summer of 1920, Zhang made a foray into North China on the other side of the Great Wall, trying to topple Duan Qirui, the leading warlord of Beijing.Zhang Zuolin-Wikipedia
    • There was immense dissatisfaction with Duan Qirui's government, which had secretly negotiated with the Japanese in order to secure loans to fund their military campaigns against the south.Treaty of Versailles-Wikipedia
    • The emperor's sons publicly fought over the title of "Crown Prince", and formerly loyal subordinates like Duan Qirui and Xu Shichang left him to create their own factions.Yuan Shikai-Wikipedia
    • Involved the stalemate among Li Yuanhong and Duan Qirui in 1917, he marched on Beijing with a troop in June.Xuzhou-Wikipedia

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