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1965 science-fiction novel by American author Frank Herbert, originally published as two separate serials in Analog magazine. Wikipedia

  • Dune (franchise)

    Science fiction media franchise that originated with the 1965 novel Dune by Frank Herbert and has continued to add new publications. Frequently cited as the best selling science fiction novel in history. Wikipedia

  • Lady Jessica

    Fictional character in the Dune universe created by Frank Herbert. Important role in the later installment Children of Dune . Wikipedia

  • Science fiction media franchise that originated with the 1965 novel Dune by American author Frank Herbert. Frequently cited as the best-selling science fiction novel in history, and won the 1966 Hugo Award as well as the inaugural Nebula Award for Best Novel. Wikipedia

  • Bene Gesserit

    The Bene Gesserit are a key social, religious, and political force in Frank Herbert's fictional Dune universe. Described as an exclusive sisterhood whose members train their bodies and minds through years of physical and mental conditioning to obtain superhuman powers and abilities that can seem magical to outsiders. Wikipedia

  • Sandworm (Dune)

    Fictional creature that appears in the Dune novels written by Frank Herbert, first introduced in original novel Dune . Hot and arid planet whose environment resembles the Sahara desert. Wikipedia

  • List of Dune secondary characters

    List of secondary fictional characters from the Dune franchise created by Frank Herbert. Duke of House Atreides, and father to Paul Atreides. Wikipedia


    Sentences forDune (novel)

    • Franklin Patrick Herbert Jr. (October 8, 1920 – February 11, 1986) was an American science-fiction author best known for the 1965 novel Dune and its five sequels.Frank Herbert-Wikipedia
    • 1965's Dune by Frank Herbert featured a much more complex and detailed imagined future society than had previous science fiction.Science fiction-Wikipedia
    • Lanois worked collaboratively with Brian Eno on some of Eno's own projects, one of which was the theme song for David Lynch's film adaptation of Frank Herbert's Dune.Daniel Lanois-Wikipedia
    • O'Bannon soon accepted an offer to work on Alejandro Jodorowsky's adaptation of Dune, a project that took him to Paris for six months.Alien (film)-Wikipedia
    • Many ideas and concepts derived from Jodorowsky's planned adaptation of Dune (which he would have been loosely based upon Frank Herbert's original novel) are featured in this universe.Alejandro Jodorowsky-Wikipedia
    • Kyle MacLachlan had played the central role in Lynch's critical and commercial failure Dune (1984), a science fiction epic based on the novel of the same name.Blue Velvet (film)-Wikipedia

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