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Set on or features the Earth. Wikipedia

  • Terraforming

    Hypothetical process of deliberately modifying the atmosphere, temperature, surface topography or ecology of a planet, moon, or other body to be similar to the environment of Earth to make it habitable by Earth-like life. The concept of terraforming developed from both science fiction and actual science. Wikipedia

  • The Wandering Earth

    2019 Chinese science fiction film directed by Frant Gwo, loosely based on the 2000 novella The Wandering Earth by Liu Cixin. The film stars Qu Chuxiao, Li Guangjie, Ng Man-tat, Zhao Jinmai, Wu Jing and Qu Jingjing. Wikipedia

  • Middle-earth

    Fictional setting of much of the English writer J. R. R. Tolkien's legendarium. Equivalent to the term Miðgarðr of Norse mythology, describing the human-inhabited world, that is, the central continent of the Earth in Tolkien's imagined mythological past. Wikipedia

  • Earth (Lil Dicky song)

    Charity single by Lil Dicky that features vocals from 30 artists. Released on April 19, 2019, three days before Earth Day. Wikipedia

  • Series of science fiction books by British writer Brian W. Aldiss, set on the Earth-like planet Helliconia. Epic chronicling the rise and fall of a civilisation over more than a thousand years as the planet progresses through its incredibly long seasons, which last for centuries. Wikipedia

  • History of Earth

    The history of Earth concerns the development of planet Earth from its formation to the present day. Nearly all branches of natural science have contributed to understanding of the main events of Earth's past, characterized by constant geological change and biological evolution. Wikipedia


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