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Brand of automobile that was marketed by the Ford Motor Company from the 1958 to the 1960 model years. Wikipedia

  • Edsel Ranger

    Automobile that was produced and sold by the newly formed Edsel Division of Ford for the 1958–1960 model years. Built on the shorter, narrower Edsel platform, shared with Ford and Edsel Pacer models. Wikipedia

  • Partial list of automobile sales by model. Wherever possible, references to verify the claims have been included, however even figures given by manufacturers may have a degree of inaccuracy or hyperbole. Wikipedia

  • Mercury (automobile)

    Defunct division of the American automobile manufacturer Ford Motor Company. Marketed as an entry-level premium brand for nearly its entire existence, bridging the price gap between the Ford and Lincoln model lines. Wikipedia

  • Edsel Ford

    American business executive and philanthropist who was the son of pioneering industrialist Henry Ford and his wife, Clara Jane Bryant. The president of Ford Motor Company from 1919 until his death in 1943. Wikipedia

  • Ford FE engine

    Ford V8 engine used in vehicles sold in the North American market between 1958 and 1976. Introduced to replace the short-lived Ford Y-block engine, which American cars and trucks were outgrowing. Wikipedia

  • Edsel Pacer

    Automobile that was produced and sold by Edsel in 1958. Based on the shorter narrower Edsel platform, shared with Ford and the Ranger. Wikipedia


    Sentences forEdsel

    • Like the Edsel, to which it has sometimes been likened, Manjoo said the Zune's failure may have led the way to eventual success with other products.Zune-Wikipedia
    • The Comet, originally intended for the defunct Edsel marque and based on the 1960 Falcon, was launched in the US in March 1960.Ford Falcon (North America)-Wikipedia
    • The chief designer was Roy Brown Jr., the designer of the Edsel, who had been banished to Dagenham following the failure of that car.Ford Cortina-Wikipedia
    • After yet another race ends in a crash (and Tennessee turns his Edsel into a sculpture), Jim finds himself without a car and heads into town in search of some cheap wheels.The Love Bug-Wikipedia
    • In 1958, Ford introduced the Edsel brand, but poor sales led to its discontinuation in 1960.Ford Motor Company-Wikipedia
    • Lincoln-Mercury also served as the sales network for Continental (1956–1960), Edsel (1958–1960) and Merkur (1985–1989).Mercury (automobile)-Wikipedia

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