Military people similar to or like Edward Canby

Career United States Army officer and a Union general in the American Civil War. Wikipedia

  • Officer in the United States Army during the Mexican–American War, and in service on the frontiers and then in the Union Army during the American Civil War in New Mexico Territory. Born in Bennington, Vermont on March 14, 1821. Wikipedia

  • William H. French

    Career United States Army officer and a Union Army General in the American Civil War. Relieved of active field duty following poor performance by his command during the Mine Run Campaign in late 1863. Wikipedia

  • Simon Bolivar Buckner

    American soldier and politician who fought in the United States Army in the Mexican–American War and in the Confederate States Army during the American Civil War. He later served as the 30th governor of Kentucky. Wikipedia

  • Charles Ferguson Smith

    Career United States Army officer who served in the Mexican–American War and as a Union General in the American Civil War. Born in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, the son of Samuel Blair Smith, an army surgeon and a grandson of the celebrated Presbyterian minister Rev. John Blair Smith. Wikipedia

  • Henry Hopkins Sibley

    Career officer in the United States Army, who commanded a Confederate cavalry brigade in the Civil War. In 1862, he attempted to forge a supply route from California, in defiance of the Union blockade of the Atlantic and Gulf ports, while also aiming to appropriate the Colorado gold mines to replenish the Confederate treasury. Wikipedia

  • John C. Pemberton

    Career United States Army officer who fought in the Seminole Wars and with distinction during the Mexican–American War. He resigned his commission to serve as a Confederate Lieutenant-general during the American Civil War. Wikipedia


    Sentences forEdward Canby

    • By the time the convention ended, Banks's Red River Campaign had come to its ignominious end and Banks was superseded in military (but not political) matters by Major General Edward Canby.Nathaniel P. Banks-Wikipedia
    • General Banks, on arrival near the Mississippi, was met by General Edward Canby, who had been named Banks's superior in a newly created regional department.Red River Campaign-Wikipedia
    • The U.S. Army tried, convicted and executed Kintpuash and three of his warriors in October 1873 for the murder of Major General Edward Canby earlier that year at a parley.Modoc people-Wikipedia
    • A temporary military government headed by Edward Canby was set up until new elections were held after the writing of the Constitution of 1868.Governor of South Carolina-Wikipedia
    • Warriors urged killing the peace commissioners, thinking the Americans would then leave, and Captain Jack and others shot and killed General Edward Canby and Rev. Eleazer Thomas, as well as wounding others.Modoc County, California-Wikipedia
    • For instance, the final stage of the Modoc Campaign was triggered when Modoc men led by Kintpuash (AKA Captain Jack) murdered General Canby at the peace tent in 1873.Indigenous peoples of California-Wikipedia

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