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Election, either by increasing the vote share of a favored candidate, depressing the vote share of rival candidates, or both. Wikipedia

  • Voting age

    Minimum age established by law that a person must attain before they become eligible to vote in a public election. 18 years; however, voting ages as low as 16 and as high as 25 currently exist . Wikipedia

  • Form of electoral fraud in which a person who is eligible to vote in an election votes more than once, or a person who is not eligible to vote does so by voting under the name of an eligible voter. In the United States, voter ID laws have been enacted in a number of states by Republican legislatures and governors since 2010 with the purported aim of preventing voter impersonation. Wikipedia

  • Concept used by national and international election monitoring groups to identify when the vote of the people for a government is not free and fair. Unfairness in elections encompasses all varieties of electoral fraud, voter suppression or intimidation, unbalanced campaign finance rules, and imbalanced access to the media. Wikipedia

  • Single transferable vote

    Voting system designed to achieve or closely approach proportional representation through the use of multiple-member constituencies and each voter casting a single ballot on which candidates are ranked. The preferential (ranked) balloting allows transfer of votes to produce proportionality, to form consensus behind select candidates and to avoid the waste of votes prevalent under other voting systems. Wikipedia

  • Generally tongue-in-cheek phrase used in relation to elections and the voting process. Used mostly to suggest the occurrence of such corruption. Wikipedia

  • Practice whereby one person might be able to vote multiple times in an election. Not to be confused with a plurality voting system which does not necessarily involve plural voting. Wikipedia


    Sentences forElectoral fraud

    • Somoza García slowly eliminated officers in the national guard who might have stood in his way, and then deposed Sacasa and became president on January 1, 1937, in a rigged election.Nicaragua-Wikipedia
    • Melilla is the city in Spain with the highest proportion of postal voting; vote buying (via mail-in ballots) is widely reported to be a common practice in the poor neighborhoods of Melilla.Melilla-Wikipedia
    • In 2002, the nation was suspended from the Commonwealth of Nations due to the reckless farm seizures and blatant election tampering.Zimbabwe-Wikipedia
    • The results, 92.4% of the 22 million voters with an official turnout of 99%, are considered suspect by many international observers and by the National League of Democracy with reports of widespread fraud, ballot stuffing, and voter intimidation.Myanmar-Wikipedia
    • During the Soviet occupation of Romania, the Communist-dominated government called for new elections in 1946, which they fraudulently won, with a fabricated 70% majority of the vote.Romania-Wikipedia
    • The government had control over when they could make public announcements and press briefings, and there were also allegations of vote-buying and improprieties in the preparation of the electoral register.The Gambia-Wikipedia

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