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Electronic keyboard instrument which was derived from the harmonium, pipe organ and theatre organ. Wikipedia

  • Thomas Organ Company

    American manufacturer of electronic keyboards and a one-time holder of the manufacturing rights to the Moog synthesizer. Force behind early electronic organs for the home. Wikipedia

  • Clonewheel organ

    Electronic musical instrument that emulates the sound of the electromechanical tonewheel-based organs formerly manufactured by Hammond from the 1930s to the 1970s. Clonewheel organs generate sounds using solid-state circuitry or computer chips, rather than with heavy mechanical tonewheels, making clonewheel organs much lighter-weight and smaller than vintage Hammonds, and easier to transport to live performances and recording sessions. Wikipedia

  • Keyboard instrument

    Musical instrument played using a keyboard, a row of levers which are pressed by the fingers. The most common of these are the piano, organ, and various electronic keyboards, including synthesizers and digital pianos. Wikipedia

  • Digital piano

    Type of electronic keyboard instrument designed to serve primarily as an alternative to the traditional acoustic piano, both in the way it feels to play and in the sound produced. Acoustic piano, which are then amplified through an internal loudspeaker. Wikipedia

  • Nord Electro

    Series of electronic keyboards, developed in Sweden by Clavia, that digitally emulate electro-mechanical keyboards, such as electric pianos and electronic organs, while designed to be highly portable. The original Nord Electro has two sections. Wikipedia

  • About the numerous notable pipe organs of the city of Brighton and Hove, from the small early 19th-century organs to the large 20th-century instruments in the large churches. Built in 1883 by the famous London firm of Henry Willis & Sons to a specification of twenty stops on two manuals and pedals: a Choir organ of six or seven stops was also prepared for. Wikipedia


    Sentences forElectric organ

    • The spinet organ, a product of the mid-20th century, served the same function (domestic context, low cost) that was served by spinet harpsichords and spinet pianos.Spinet-Wikipedia
    • After returning to Southampton, he bought a Bird Duplex organ and joined local band The Lonely Ones, becoming known for his habit of playing the organ pedals with bare feet.Don Shinn-Wikipedia
    • By 1987 the German organ had fallen into disrepair and was replaced in 1990 with an Wyvern organ.John Peele Clapham-Wikipedia
    • In addition to backing Brown on stage and on record during this era, the J.B.'s also recorded albums and singles on their own, sometimes with Brown performing on organ or synthesizer.The J.B.'s-Wikipedia
    • The same principle is used in modern-day electromechanical organs, such as the Hammond organ, that make use of tonewheels.Savart wheel-Wikipedia
    • In 2012, Lee won the Asia Pacific Electronic Organ Best Composition Award for his original music.Aoxuan Lee-Wikipedia

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