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Elisha (, Greek: Ἐλισ[σ]αῖος, Elis[s]aîos or Ἐλισαιέ, Elisaié) was, according to the Hebrew Bible, a prophet and a wonder-worker. Wikipedia

  • Elijah

    Elijah or Elias (, meaning "My God is Yahweh /YHWH" ) or Greek form Elias was, according to the Books of Kings in the Hebrew Bible, a prophet and a miracle worker who lived in the northern kingdom of Israel during the reign of King Ahab (9th century BC). In, Elijah defended the worship of the Hebrew God over that of the Canaanite deity Baal. Wikipedia

  • Jonah

    Prophet in the Hebrew Bible of the northern kingdom of Israel in about the 8th century BCE. Central figure of the Book of Jonah, in which he is called upon by God to travel to Nineveh and warn its residents of impending divine wrath. Wikipedia

  • Jeremiah

    One of the major prophets of the Hebrew Bible (source of the Old Testament of Christian Bibles). According to Jewish tradition, Jeremiah authored the Book of Jeremiah, the Books of Kings and the Book of Lamentations, with the assistance and under the editorship of Baruch ben Neriah, his scribe and disciple. Wikipedia

  • Habakkuk

    Active around 612 BC, was a prophet whose oracles and prayer are recorded in the Book of Habakkuk, the eighth of the collected twelve minor prophets in the Hebrew Bible. Revered by Jews, Christians, and Muslims. Wikipedia

  • Moses

    Most important prophet in Judaism, and an important prophet in Christianity, Islam, the Baháʼí Faith, and a number of other Abrahamic religions. The leader of the Israelites and lawgiver, to whom the authorship of the first five books of the bible, the Torah, or "acquisition of the Torah from heaven," is attributed. Wikipedia

  • Ezekiel

    Central protagonist of the Book of Ezekiel in the Hebrew Bible. Acknowledged as a Hebrew prophet. Wikipedia


    Sentences forElisha

    • Additionally, Otto suggests that in the fifth century BC, and the remaining Elisha stories were inserted to give prophecy a legitimate foundation in the history of Israel.Elijah-Wikipedia
    • According to, Elisha (Eliseus) and "the sons of the prophets" knew beforehand that Elijah would one day be assumed into heaven.Elijah-Wikipedia
    • Following his ascension, Elisha, his disciple and most devoted assistant, took over his role as leader of this school.Elijah-Wikipedia
    • It retains its original coat of arms of the Carmelite Order as well as sculptures of the prophets Elijah and Elisha.Guadalajara-Wikipedia
    • A number of monasteries and churches were built, including St George of Koziba in 340 CE and a domed church dedicated to Saint Eliseus.Jericho-Wikipedia
    • Paramahansa Yogananda, an Indian guru, taught that Jesus was the reincarnation of Elisha and a student of John the Baptist, the reincarnation of Elijah.Jesus-Wikipedia

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