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English film producer, known for frequent collaborations with her husband, filmmaker Christopher Nolan. Wikipedia

  • Christopher Nolan

    British-American film director, producer, and screenwriter. His directorial efforts have grossed more than US$5.1billion worldwide, garnered 34 Oscar nominations and ten wins. Wikipedia

  • Christopher Nolan filmography

    British-American film director, producer, and screenwriter. The neo-noir crime thriller Following which was made on a shoestring budget of $6,000. Wikipedia

  • British-American filmmaker Christopher Nolan has received many awards and honours throughout his career. He has been nominated for five Academy Awards, five British Academy Film Awards and five Golden Globe Awards. Wikipedia

  • American cinematographer and director, who is best known for his work with acclaimed filmmaker Christopher Nolan. Some of his collaborations with Nolan include Memento (2000), The Dark Knight Trilogy (2005–2012), and Inception (2010). Wikipedia

  • Syncopy Inc.

    Production company founded by British-American film director, screenwriter and producer Christopher Nolan, and producer Emma Thomas. Play on Syncopation, and was suggested to Nolan by his late father, Brendan, a classical music fan. Wikipedia

  • Cinematic style of Christopher Nolan

    British-American filmmaker known for using aesthetics, themes and cinematic techniques that are instantly recognisable in his work. Auteur and postmodern filmmaker, Nolan is partial to elliptical editing, documentary-style lighting, hand-held camera work, natural settings, and real filming locations over studio work. Wikipedia


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