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Study and analysis of the distribution , patterns and determinants of health and disease conditions in defined populations. Wikipedia

  • Disease

    Particular abnormal condition that negatively affects the structure or function of all or part of an organism, and that is not due to any immediate external injury. Diseases are often known to be medical conditions that are associated with specific signs and symptoms. Wikipedia

  • Branch of epidemiology involving the study of neurological disease distribution and determinants of frequency in human populations. First introduced by Dr. Len Kurland, Dr. Milton Alter and Dr. John F. Kurtzke in 1967. Wikipedia

  • History of science

    Study of the development of science, including both the natural and social sciences . Body of empirical, theoretical, and practical knowledge about the natural world, produced by scientists who emphasize the observation, explanation, and prediction of real-world phenomena. Wikipedia

  • Plant disease epidemiology

    Study of disease in plant populations. Much like diseases of humans and other animals, plant diseases occur due to pathogens such as bacteria, viruses, fungi, oomycetes, nematodes, phytoplasmas, protozoa, and parasitic plants. Wikipedia

  • Social science

    Branch of science devoted to the study of societies and the relationships among individuals within those societies. Formerly used to refer to the field of sociology, the original "science of society", established in the century. Wikipedia

  • Epidemiological practice by which the spread of disease is monitored in order to establish patterns of progression. To predict, observe, and minimize the harm caused by outbreak, epidemic, and pandemic situations, as well as increase knowledge about which factors contribute to such circumstances. Wikipedia


    Sentences forEpidemiology

    • Epidemiology, or the study and analysis of who, why and where disease occurs, and what determines whether various populations have a disease, is another important tool used to understand infectious disease.Infection-Wikipedia
    • It is recognised that an epidemiological account of plague is as important as an identification of symptoms, but researchers are hampered by the lack of reliable statistics from this period.Black Death-Wikipedia
    • ]]There is debate over the rates of PTSD found in populations, but, despite changes in diagnosis and the criteria used to define PTSD between 1997 and 2013, epidemiological rates have not changed significantly.Post-traumatic stress disorder-Wikipedia
    • Epidemiologist John Morgan produced a 2010 report for the California Cancer Registry in which he argued that there was no cancer cluster in Hinkley related to chromium 6.Pacific Gas and Electric Company-Wikipedia
    • Students in the Master of Public Health program may major in Behavioral Sciences & Health Promotion, Epidemiology, Environmental Health Science, or Health Policy & Management, or Biostatistics.New York Medical College-Wikipedia
    • Hungarian Medical Chamber advisor, epidemiologist András Csilek, stated that the Chamber also considered it wrong, saying that it "carries unnecessary risk adding" and "shouldn't be allowed".2020 UEFA Super Cup-Wikipedia

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