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Chinese-American restaurant owner and music promoter, called the "Godmother of Punk" in Los Angeles, California. Wikipedia

  • Music promoter and emcee of the San Francisco punk rock clubs Mabuhay Gardens and On Broadway in the late 1970s and early 1980s. Nicknamed the "Pope of Punk." Wikipedia

  • Chet Helms

    Music promoter and a counterculture figure in San Francisco during its hippie period in the mid- to-late 1960s. The founder and manager of Big Brother and the Holding Company and recruited Janis Joplin as its lead singer. Wikipedia

  • Record store owner in Cleveland, Ohio, United States, who was instrumental in the early establishment, marketing and promotion of rock and roll music. Born in Cleveland. Wikipedia

  • UK music promoter. Founded as Mean Fiddler Group in 1982 by Irish-born chairman John Vincent Power, as a venue-management and music-promotion group. Wikipedia

  • American music promoter and booking agent who helped launch the new wave movement in the United States. Born in Rif Dimashq near Damascus, Syria, the second of four children born to CIA officer Miles Copeland, Jr. and his wife Lorraine Copeland , an archaeologist. Wikipedia

  • Gary Tovar

    Known as a music promoter and marijuana smuggler in the US. He named his music concert business Goldenvoice Productions, after a strain of marijuana that users said gave them a feeling of being spoken to by angels. Wikipedia


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