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The European Programme for Intervention Epidemiology Training (EPIET) Fellowship provides training and practical experience in intervention epidemiology at the national centres for surveillance and control of communicable diseases in the European Union. Wikipedia

  • European Journal of Epidemiology

    Monthly peer-reviewed medical journal covering the epidemiology of communicable and non-communicable diseases and their control. Published by Springer Science+Business Media and the editor-in-chief is Albert Hofman . Wikipedia

  • National public health institute of South Africa, providing reference to microbiology, virology, epidemiology, surveillance and public health research to support the government's response to communicable disease threats. The NICD serves as a resource of knowledge and expertise of communicable diseases to the South African Government, Southern African Development Community countries and the African continent. Wikipedia

  • Global professional network of field epidemiology training programs (FETPs). As of August 2019, TEPHINET comprises 71 member FETPs working across more than 100 countries. Wikipedia

  • Open-access medical journal covering epidemiology, surveillance, prevention and control of communicable diseases with a focus on topics relevant for Europe. Non-profit publication and is published by the European Centre for Disease Prevention and Control. Wikipedia

  • Epidemiological practice by which the spread of disease is monitored in order to establish patterns of progression. To predict, observe, and minimize the harm caused by outbreak, epidemic, and pandemic situations, as well as increase knowledge about which factors contribute to such circumstances. Wikipedia

  • Multidisciplinary field that uses techniques from computer science, mathematics, geographic information science and public health to better understand issues central to epidemiology such as the spread of diseases or the effectiveness of a public health intervention. In contrast with traditional epidemiology, computational epidemiology looks for patterns in unstructured sources of data, such as social media. Wikipedia


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