Coins similar to or like Farthing (British coin)

Unit of currency of one quarter of a penny, equivalent to 1⁄960 of a pound sterling, or 1⁄48 of a shilling. Wikipedia

  • History of the British farthing

    British coin worth a quarter of an old penny (1⁄960 of a pound sterling). Demonetised from 1 January 1961. Wikipedia

  • Penny (British pre-decimal coin)

    Coin worth 1/240 of a pound sterling, or one twelfth of a shilling. D, from the Roman denarius. Wikipedia

  • Coins of the pound sterling

    Denominated in pounds sterling , and, since the introduction of the two-pound coin in 1994 (issued to celebrate the Bank of England's 300th anniversary), ranges in value from one penny to two pounds. Since decimalisation, on 15 February 1971, the pound has been divided into 100 (new) pence. Wikipedia

  • Threepence (British coin)

    Unit of currency equaling one eightieth of a pound sterling, or three old pence sterling. Used in the United Kingdom, and earlier in Great Britain and England. Wikipedia

  • Half crown (British coin)

    Denomination of British money, equivalent to two shillings and sixpence, or one-eighth of a pound. First issued in 1549, in the reign of Edward VI. Wikipedia

  • Sixpence (British coin)

    Coin that was worth six pence, equivalent to one-fortieth of a pound sterling, or half of a shilling. First minted in 1551, during the reign of Edward VI, and circulated until 1980. Wikipedia


    Sentences forFarthing (British coin)

    • A farthing or ha'penny bit was called a "mag" (slang for "chattering") because they were originally made from copper and made a ringing noise when dropped.£sd-Wikipedia
    • The term is analogous for forthsquarters of a county, in a similar fashion to the old British Farthing.Riding (division)-Wikipedia
    • Thousands of towns and merchants issued these tokens from 1648 until 1672, when official production of farthings resumed, and private production was suppressed.Token coin-Wikipedia
    • During the reign of Charles II, Britannia made her first appearance on English coins on a farthing of 1672 (see Depiction on British coinage and postage stamps below).Britannia-Wikipedia
    • This exchange rate meant that the smallest Maltese coin, the grano, was worth one third of a farthing (1 scudo = 20 tari = 240 grani).Maltese lira-Wikipedia
    • Wootton sued him for libel and won, but was granted only a symbolic farthing in damages because the jury thought that Sievier had not intended to cause harm.Patrick Hastings-Wikipedia

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