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Merchant vessel used to carry passengers, and sometimes vehicles and cargo, across a body of water. Wikipedia

  • Maritime transport

    Transport of people (passengers) or goods (cargo) via waterways. Freight transport by sea has been widely used throughout recorded history. Wikipedia

  • Isle of Wight ferry services

    There are currently three different ferry companies that operate vessels carrying passengers and, on certain routes, vehicles across the Solent, the stretch of sea that separates the Isle of Wight from mainland England. These are Wightlink, Red Funnel and Hovertravel. Wikipedia

  • Portage

    Practice of carrying water craft or cargo over land, either around an obstacle in a river, or between two bodies of water. Also called a portage. Wikipedia

  • Transatlantic crossing

    Transatlantic crossings are passages of passengers and cargo across the Atlantic Ocean between Europe or Africa and the Americas. Across the North Atlantic between Western Europe and North America. Wikipedia

  • Cruise ship

    Cruise ships are large passenger ships used mainly for vacationing. Unlike ocean liners, which are used for transport, they typically embark on round-trip voyages to various ports-of-call, where passengers may go on tours known as "shore excursions". Wikipedia

  • Merchant raider

    Merchant raiders are armed commerce raiding ships that disguise themselves as non-combatant merchant vessels. Germany used several merchant raiders early in World War I (1914–1918), and again early in World War II (1939–1945). Wikipedia


    Sentences forFerry

    • Two passenger and vehicle ferries operate ferry services on Lake Michigan, both connecting Wisconsin on the western shore with Michigan on the east.Lake Michigan-Wikipedia
    • Manhattan-bound passengers boarded ferries to cross the Hudson River for the final stretch of their journey.Pennsylvania Station (New York City)-Wikipedia
    • Ferry services are provided seasonally by Paignton Pleasure Cruises and We Ferry to Torquay and Brixham from Paignton Harbour.Paignton-Wikipedia
    • During the summer months small passenger ferries travel between Tuckton and Mudeford Spit via the town quay.Christchurch, Dorset-Wikipedia
    • Montevideo is also served by a ferry system operated by the company Buquebus that connects the port with Buenos Aires.Montevideo-Wikipedia
    • It was hoped that the group could, wherever possible, establish fords and ferries and plant crops for later harvest.Mormon pioneers-Wikipedia

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