Flags similar to or like Flag of Estonia

Tricolour featuring three equal horizontal bands of blue (top), black, and white. Wikipedia

  • Tricolour featuring three equal horizontal bands of blue , black, and white. 105 × 165 cm. In Estonian it is colloquially called the "sinimustvalge" , after the colours of the bands. Wikipedia

  • Flag of Russia

    Tricolour flag consisting of three equal horizontal fields: white on the top, blue in the middle, and red on the bottom. First used as an ensign for Russian merchant ships in 1696. Wikipedia

  • Flag of Armenia

    The national flag of Armenia, the Armenian Tricolour, consists of three horizontal bands of equal width, red on the top, blue in the middle, and orange (also described as "colour of apricot") on the bottom. The Armenian Supreme Soviet adopted the current flag on 24 August 1990. Wikipedia

  • Flag of Lesotho

    The current national flag of Lesotho, adopted on the 40th anniversary of Lesotho's independence on 4 October 2006, features a horizontal blue, white, and green tricolour with a black mokorotlo (a Basotho hat) in the center. Intended to reflect a state that is both at peace both internally and with its only neighbour South Africa, replacing the old flag design that featured a military emblem of a shield, spear and knobkerrie. Wikipedia

  • Flag of Germany

    Tricolour consisting of three equal horizontal bands displaying the national colours of Germany: black, red, and gold (Schwarz-Rot-Gold). First sighted in 1848 in the German Confederation; with it being officially adopted as the national flag of the Weimar Republic from 1919 to 1933, and again being in use since its reintroduction in West Germany back in 1949. Wikipedia

  • Flag of Slovenia

    The national flag of Slovenia (zastava Slovenije) features three equal horizontal bands of white (top), blue, and red, with the Coat of arms of Slovenia located in the upper hoist side of the flag centered in the white and blue bands. Shield with the image of Mount Triglav, Slovenia's highest peak, in white against a blue background at the center; beneath it are two wavy blue lines representing the Adriatic Sea and local rivers, and above it are three six-pointed golden stars arranged in an inverted triangle which are taken from the coat of arms of the Counts of Celje, the great Slovene dynastic house of the late 14th and early 15th centuries. Wikipedia


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