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Palace complex in Dongcheng District, Beijing, China, at the center of the Imperial City of Beijing. Wikipedia

  • Beijing

    Capital of the People's Republic of China. World's most populous national capital city, with over 21 million residents within an administrative area of 16,410.5 km2 . Wikipedia

  • Palace Museum

    National museum housed in the Forbidden City at the core of Beijing. Established in 1925 after the last Emperor of China was evicted from his palace, and opened its doors to the public. Wikipedia

  • Imperial City, Beijing

    Section of the city of Beijing in the Ming and Qing dynasties, with the Forbidden City at its center. It refers to the collection of gardens, shrines, and other service areas between the Forbidden City and the Inner City of ancient Beijing. Wikipedia

  • Zhongnanhai

    Former imperial garden in the Imperial City, Beijing, adjacent to the Forbidden City; it serves as the central headquarters for the Chinese Communist Party and the State Council (Central government) of China. Zhongnanhai houses the office of the General Secretary of the Chinese Communist Party (paramount leader) and Premier of the People's Republic of China. Wikipedia

  • Old Summer Palace

    Complex of palaces and gardens in present-day Haidian District, Beijing, China. 8 km northwest of the walls of the former Imperial City section of Beijing. Wikipedia

  • History of Beijing

    For changes to the English spelling of the city's name, see Names of Beijing. For other administrative divisions called Beijing in Chinese history, see Beijing (disambiguation) and the History of the administrative divisions of China Wikipedia


    Sentences forForbidden City

    • The KMT moved this collection from the Forbidden City in Beijing in 1933 and part of the collection was eventually transported to Taiwan during the Chinese Civil War.Taiwan-Wikipedia
    • At the center was the political node of the Imperial City, and at the center of this was the Forbidden City, the palatial residence of the emperor and his family.Ming dynasty-Wikipedia
    • Beijing's urban transport is dependent upon the "ring roads" that concentrically surround the city, with the Forbidden City area marked as the geographical center for the ring roads.Beijing-Wikipedia
    • Weiyang Palace was the largest palace ever built on Earth, covering 4.8 km2, which is 6.7 times the size of the current Forbidden City and 11 times the size of the Vatican City.Xi'an-Wikipedia
    • The institutions which had been inherited from the Ming formed the core of the Qing "Outer Court", which handled routine matters and was located in the southern part of the Forbidden City.Qing dynasty-Wikipedia
    • Tian'anmen and Tian'anmen Square are at the center of Beijing, directly to the south of the Forbidden City, the former residence of the emperors of China.Beijing-Wikipedia

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