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The foreign relations of Ireland are substantially influenced by its membership of the European Union, although bilateral relations with the United States and United Kingdom are also important to the state. Wikipedia

  • Foreign relations of the United Kingdom

    The diplomatic foreign relations of the United Kingdom are conducted by the Foreign, Commonwealth & Development Office, headed by the Secretary of State for Foreign, Commonwealth and Development Affairs. The Prime Minister and numerous other agencies play a role in setting policy, and many institutions and businesses have a voice and a role. Wikipedia

  • Ireland–United States relations

    Ireland–United States relations refers to the current and historical bilateral relationship between Ireland and the United States. According to the governments of the United States and Ireland, relations have long been based on common ancestral ties and shared values. Wikipedia

  • United States–European Union relations

    Relations between the United States and the European Union are the bilateral relations between the country and supranational organization. The US and EU have been interacting for more than sixty years. Wikipedia

  • Politics of the Republic of Ireland

    Parliamentary, representative democratic republic and a member state of the European Union. Popularly elected President of Ireland, it is a largely ceremonial position, with real political power being vested in the Taoiseach, who is nominated by the Dáil and is the head of the government. Wikipedia

  • Turkey–United States relations

    Turkey–United States relations refer to the bilateral relations between Turkey and the United States. Relations after World War II evolved from the Second Cairo Conference in December 1943 and Turkey's entrance into World War II on the side of the Allies in February 1945. Wikipedia

  • Italy–United States relations

    Italy–United States relations, also referred to as Italian-American relations, are the bilateral relations between the Italian Republic and the United States of America. Italy and the United States enjoy warm and friendly relations. Wikipedia


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    • Irish Ambassador to Nigeria Sean Hoy graduated from Queen's.Also Thomas Andrews (1813-1885) was a longtime professor of chemistry at Queen's University of Belfast.Queen's University Belfast-Wikipedia
    • The electorate, as for constitutional referendums and Presidential elections, consists of all Irish citizens who are either resident in the state or abroad on diplomatic or Defence Forces assignments.Ordinary referendum-Wikipedia

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