Saints similar to or like Francis Solanus

Spanish friar and missionary in South America, belonging to the Order of Friars Minor (the Franciscans), and is honored as a saint in the Roman Catholic Church. Wikipedia

  • Francis Fasani

    Italian friar of the Order of Conventual Friars Minor who has been declared a saint by the Catholic Church. Friend of another Conventual friar, the Blessed Antonio Lucci. Wikipedia

  • Josep Tous Soler

    Spanish Roman Catholic priest and a professed member of the Order of Friars Minor - the Capuchin branch of the Franciscan Order. Upon becoming a friar he assumed the religious name of "Josep from Igualada" and went on to preach in across both Spain and France. Wikipedia

  • Thomas of Celano

    Italian friar of the Franciscans (Order of Friars Minor) as well as a poet and the author of three hagiographies about Saint Francis of Assisi. From Celano in Abruzzo and was born in 1185. Wikipedia

  • Paschal Baylon

    Spanish Roman Catholic lay professed religious of the Order of Friars Minor. He served as a shepherd alongside his father in his childhood and adolescence, but desired to enter the religious life. Wikipedia

  • John Wall (priest and martyr)

    English Catholic Franciscan friar, who is honored as a martyr. Wall served on the English mission in Worcestershire for twenty-two years before being arrested and executed at the time of Titus Oates's alleged plot. Wikipedia

  • Luca Antonio Falcone

    Italian Roman Catholic priest and a professed member of the Franciscan Order of Friars Minor Capuchin in Cosenza. Falcone had a rough call to religious life after several entries and exits into the order and he later served as a noted preacher across southern Italian cities such as Catanzaro and Salerno after his first few sermons attracted little following. Wikipedia

  • Gregorio Grassi

    Italian Franciscan friar and bishop who is honored as a Roman Catholic martyr and saint. One of the 120 Martyrs of China who were canonized on 1 October 2000 by Pope John Paul II. Wikipedia

  • Felix of Nicosia

    Capuchin friar, and is honored as a saint in the Roman Catholic Church. Born Filippo Giacomo Amoroso in Nicosia, Sicily on 5 November 1715, about three weeks after the death of his father on October 12. Wikipedia

  • Benedict the Moor

    Italian Franciscan friar in Sicily who is venerated as a saint in the Catholic and Lutheran churches. Freed at birth and became known for his charity. Wikipedia

  • Joseph of Cupertino

    Italian Conventual Franciscan friar who is honored as a Christian mystic and saint. Said to have been remarkably unclever, but prone to miraculous levitation and intense ecstatic visions that left him gaping. Wikipedia

  • Andrés Hibernón Real

    Spanish Roman Catholic professed religious from the Order of Friars Minor. Born to nobles who fell poor and was robbed when he sought to provide funds for his parents - this occurrence prompted him to revise his approach to material and spiritual goods and so became a friar to cultivate his spiritual needs. Wikipedia

  • Seraphin of Montegranaro

    Italian Capuchin friar who is honored as a Saint by the Catholic Church. The second of four children of poor but pious parents, Gerolamo Rapagnano and Teodora Giovannuzzi. Wikipedia

  • Italian Roman Catholic professed religious - though not a priest - of the Franciscan Order of Friars Minor. Resolved to become a Franciscan upon seeing the example that Mariano da Roccacasale set. Wikipedia

  • Bernard of Corleone

    Roman Catholic professed religious from the Order of Friars Minor Capuchin. Cobbler like his father until the latter died and he became a violent-tempered soldier who was quick to challenge to a duel those who offended him or the causes he believed in. Wikipedia

  • John of the Cross

    Major figure of the Spanish Counter-Reformation, a mystic and Roman Catholic saint. One of thirty-six Doctors of the Church. Wikipedia

  • Italian Franciscan friar. Considered the founder of the order there. Wikipedia

  • Odoric of Pordenone

    Italian late-medieval Franciscan friar and missionary explorer. Important source for the account of John Mandeville. Wikipedia

  • Innocenzo da Berzo

    Italian Roman Catholic priest and a professed member of the Order of Friars Minor - or Capuchin branch of the Franciscan Order. Scalvinoni assumed his new religious name upon his profession as a Capuchin friar. Wikipedia

  • Charles of Sezze

    Italian professed religious from the Order of Friars Minor. Austere life doing menial tasks such as acting as a porter and gardener; he was also a noted writer. Wikipedia

  • Frei Galvão

    Brazilian friar of the Franciscan Order. Canonized by Pope Benedict XVI on May 11, 2007, becoming the first Brazilian-born saint. Wikipedia

  • Saint Theophilus of Corte

    Italian Roman Catholic priest and a professed member from the Order of Friars Minor. Born. Wikipedia

  • Junípero Serra

    Roman Catholic Spanish priest and friar of the Franciscan Order who founded a mission in Baja California and the first nine of 21 Spanish missions in California from San Diego to San Francisco, in what was then Alta California in the Province of Las Californias, New Spain. Beatified by Pope John Paul II on September 25, 1988, in the Vatican City. Wikipedia

  • Nicholas Tavelic

    Franciscan missionary who died a martyr's death in Jerusalem on November 14, 1391, a Croatian friar. Beatified as part of Nicholas Tavelic, O.F.M. and companions, which included friars from Italy and France. Wikipedia

  • Roman Catholic priest from Sardinia and a professed member from the Order of Friars Minor Conventual. Recognized as a martyr in the Catholic church. Wikipedia

  • Peter de Regalado

    Franciscan (friar minor) and reformer. Born at Valladolid, Spain. Wikipedia

  • Croatian Roman Catholic professed religious of the Order of Friars Minor. He later assumed the name of "Giacomo of Bitetto" after his profession into that order. Wikipedia

  • Nicholas Pieck

    Franciscan friar who was one of a group of Catholic clergy and lay brothers, the Martyrs of Gorkum, who were executed for refusal to renounce their faith in 1572. Born in the town of Gorkum , the son of Jan Pieck and Henriea Clavia, devout Catholics. Wikipedia

  • Anthony of Padua

    Portuguese Catholic priest and friar of the Franciscan Order. Born and raised by a wealthy family in Lisbon, Portugal, and died in Padua, Italy. Wikipedia

  • Ludovico of Casoria

    Italian Roman Catholic priest and a professed member of the Order of Friars Minor. Renowned social reformer who founded both the Grey Friars of Charity and the Grey Franciscan Sisters of Saint Elizabeth. Wikipedia

  • Italian Roman Catholic priest who became a member of the Order of Friars Minor order. He took the name of "Ginepro" after admittance into the Franciscan order. Wikipedia


Sentences forFrancis Solanus

  • Emulating an earlier Franciscan missionary and saint, Francisco Solano, Serra made a habit of punishing himself physically, to purify his spirit.Junípero Serra-Wikipedia
  • Established in 1823 and named to honor St. Francis Solanus, Mission Solano was the sole California mission established under the rule of a newly independent Mexico.Sonoma Valley-Wikipedia
  • The Chief was given the Spanish name Francisco Solano during baptism at the Catholic Mission, and is named after the Spanish Franciscan missionary, Father Francisco Solano.Solano County, California-Wikipedia
  • Pope Benedict XIII elevated another two important Peruvian saints, Toribio Alfonso de Mogrovejo and Francisco de Solano.Viceroyalty of Peru-Wikipedia
  • In 1588–89 St. Francis Solanus crossed the Chaco wilderness from Peru and stopped at Asunción, but gave no attention to the Guaraní.Guaraní people-Wikipedia
  • He beatified Pope Pius V (1566–72), Francis Solano, and John of the Cross, all subsequently canonized by Clement XI and Pope Benedict XIII (1724–30).Pope Clement X-Wikipedia
  • At the request of the Fathers, the Holy See permitted the celebration in the United States of the feasts of St. Philip of Jesus, St. Turibius, and St. Francis Solano.Plenary Councils of Baltimore-Wikipedia
  • Altimira chose San Francisco Solano, a 17th-century Franciscan missionary to South America.Mission San Francisco Solano (California)-Wikipedia
  • He was also a noted lover of the violin, a trait he shared with his eponym, Saint Francis Solanus.Solanus Casey-Wikipedia
  • The city is named after Spanish missionary St. Francisco Solano (10 March 1549 – 14 July 1610).San Francisco Solano-Wikipedia
  • He also participated in the design of the interior altars and furnishings of the first St. Francis Solanus Church in Quincy, Illinois.Adrian Wewer-Wikipedia
  • Among these are: The Seraphic Octave, or Retreat (1883); Life of St. Francisco Solano; Life of Blessed Crescentia Hoess; May Devotions (1884).Clementine Deymann-Wikipedia
  • On the death of the archbishop of Lima, Antonio de Zuloaga, he also occupied that office.Diego Morcillo Rubio de Auñón-Wikipedia
  • He was given the religious name of "Solanus" after Saint Francis Solanus; both men shared a love of the violin.Solanus Casey-Wikipedia
  • In the centre of the village there is a church tower which can be seen from the main square with a clock that chimes at 12 pm, after which a small door opens and a figure of Saint Francisco Solano comes out and makes the sign of the cross.Humahuaca-Wikipedia
  • He painted a series on St Francisco Solano in the church of San Fernando in Mexico City.José de Páez-Wikipedia
  • The bottom row of carvings depicts St. Ignatius Loyola on the left and St. Francis Solano on the right.Reredos of Our Lady of Light-Wikipedia
  • During this time Pope Benedict XIII elevated two important Peruvian saints, Toribio Alfonso de Mogrovejo and Francisco de Solano.Diego Morcillo Rubio de Auñón-Wikipedia
  • He conferred sainthood upon Agnes of Montepulciano in 1726, Aloysius Gonzaga on 31 December 1726, Boris of Kiev in 1724, Francis Solano on 27 March 1726, Gleb in 1724, James of the Marches and Turibius of Mogroveio on 10 December 1726, John of Nepomuk on 19 March 1729, John of the Cross and Peregrine Laziosi on 27 December 1726, Margaret of Cortona on 16 May 1728 and Serapion of Algiers on 14 April 1728.Pope Benedict XIII-Wikipedia
  • He countered these all the while baptizing and confirming almost one half million people which included the future Saint Rose and Saint Martin de Porres and also Saint Francis Solano (who later became a close friend) and Blessed Juan Masías.Turibius of Mogrovejo-Wikipedia
  • The convent originally included seven cloisters (the main courtyard, St. Bonaventure, St. Francis Solanus (who is buried in the monastery church), the Pepper Yard, the Infirmary, the Novitiate and the Third Order).Basilica and Convent of San Francisco, Lima-Wikipedia

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