Architects similar to or like Frank Lloyd Wright

American architect, designer, writer, and educator. Wikipedia

  • Taliesin (studio)

    The estate of American architect Frank Lloyd Wright. Developed on land that originally belonged to Wright's maternal family. Wikipedia

  • UNESCO World Heritage Site consisting of a selection of eight buildings across the United States that were designed by American architect Frank Lloyd Wright. These sites demonstrate his philosophy of organic architecture, designing structures that were in harmony with humanity and its environment. Wikipedia

  • Elizabeth Wright Ingraham

    American architect and educator. A granddaughter of American architect Frank Lloyd Wright, she studied under his tutelage at his Taliesin studio at age 15. Wikipedia

  • John Lloyd Wright

    American architect and toy inventor. The second-oldest son of famed architect Frank Lloyd Wright. Wikipedia

  • Bruce Goff

    American architect, distinguished by his organic, eclectic, and often flamboyant designs for houses and other buildings in Oklahoma and elsewhere. A 1951 Life Magazine article stated that Goff was "one of the few US architects whom Frank Lloyd Wright considers creative...scorns houses that are ‘boxes with little holes." Wikipedia

  • George W. Maher

    American architect during the first-quarter of the 20th century. Considered part of the Prairie School-style and was known for blending traditional architecture with the Arts & Crafts-style. Wikipedia


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