Royalties similar to or like Franz Joseph I of Austria

Emperor of Austria, King of Hungary, Croatia, and Bohemia, and monarch of other states of the Austro-Hungarian Empire, from 2 December 1848 until his death. Wikipedia

  • Austria-Hungary

    Constitutional monarchy and great power in Central Europe between 1867 and 1918. Formed with the Austro-Hungarian Compromise of 1867 and was dissolved following its defeat in the First World War. Wikipedia

  • Ferdinand I of Austria

    The Emperor of Austria from March 1835 until his abdication in December 1848. Also President of the German Confederation, King of Hungary, Croatia and Bohemia , King of Lombardy–Venetia and holder of many other lesser titles (see grand title of the Emperor of Austria). Wikipedia

  • Napoleon III

    The first president of France from 1848 to 1852, and the emperor of the French and the last French monarch from 1852 to 1870. Nephew of Napoleon I. Wikipedia

  • Charles I of Austria

    The last Emperor of Austria, the last King of Hungary (as Charles IV, IV. Károly), the last King of Croatia, last King of Bohemia (as Charles III, Karel III.), and the last monarch belonging to the House of Habsburg-Lorraine before the dissolution of Austria-Hungary. Wikipedia

  • Francis II, Holy Roman Emperor

    The last Holy Roman Emperor from 1792 to 1806 and, as Francis I, the first Emperor of Austria from 1804 to 1835. He assumed the title of Emperor of Austria in response to the coronation of Napoleon as Emperor of the French. Wikipedia

  • Empress Elisabeth of Austria

    Empress of Austria and Queen of Hungary by marriage to Emperor Franz Joseph I. Born into the royal Bavarian House of Wittelsbach. Wikipedia


    Sentences forFranz Joseph I of Austria

    • Unknown to the Emperor, Austro-Hungarian ministers and generals had already convinced the 83-year-old Franz Joseph I of Austria to sign a declaration of war against Serbia.Wilhelm II, German Emperor-Wikipedia
    • It seemed that some concessions would be made also to Bohemia, but in the end the Emperor Franz Joseph I effected a compromise with Hungary only.Czech Republic-Wikipedia
    • In Vienna, there were ten days of concerts, and the Emperor Franz Joseph gave a speech recognising Schubert as the creator of the art song, and one of Austria's favourite sons.Franz Schubert-Wikipedia
    • Austria was involved in World War I under Emperor Franz Joseph following the assassination of Archduke Ferdinand, the presumptive successor to the Austro-Hungarian throne.Austria-Wikipedia
    • Still facing strong opposition within his own government, Napoleon III offered to negotiate a diplomatic solution with the twenty-eight-year-old Emperor Franz Joseph I of Austria in the spring of 1858.Napoleon III-Wikipedia
    • Following a decision of Franz Joseph I in 1868, the realm bore the official name Austro-Hungarian Monarchy/Realm (Österreichisch-Ungarische Monarchie/Reich; Osztrák–Magyar Monarchia/Birodalom) in its international relations.Austria-Hungary-Wikipedia

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