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Free-to-play (F2P or FtP) video games, also known as free-to-start, are games that give players access to a significant portion of their content without paying. Wikipedia

  • Massively multiplayer online role-playing game

    Video game that combines aspects of a role-playing video game and a massively multiplayer online game. As in role-playing games (RPGs), the player assumes the role of a character (often in a fantasy world or science-fiction world) and takes control over many of that character's actions. Wikipedia

  • Destiny 2

    Free-to-play online-only multiplayer first-person shooter video game developed by Bungie. Originally released as a pay to play game in 2017 for the PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and Microsoft Windows platforms. Wikipedia

  • Video game monetization

    Type of process that a video game publisher can use to generate revenue from a video game product. The methods of monetization may vary between games, especially when they come from different genres or platforms, but they all serve the same purpose to return money to the game developers, copyright owners, and other stakeholders. Wikipedia

  • Fortnite Battle Royale

    Free-to-play battle royale video game developed and published by Epic Games. Companion game to Fortnite: Save the World, a cooperative survival game with construction elements. Wikipedia

  • Hawken (video game)

    Free-to-play multiplayer mech first-person shooter video game. Intense battle experience that captures the feel of piloting a mech, while keeping the action fast-paced and strategic. Wikipedia

  • Dauntless (video game)

    Free-to-play action role-playing video game developed by Phoenix Labs and published and distributed by Epic Games. The game initially launched in beta in May 2018 for Microsoft Windows. Wikipedia

  • Mobile game

    Video game that is played on the mobile phone screen. Historically, the term refers to all games that are played on any portable device, including from mobile phone (feature phone or smartphone), tablet, PDA to handheld game console, portable media player or graphing calculator, with and without networkability. Wikipedia

  • Video game controversies refers to a wide range of debates on the social effects of video games on players and broader society, as well as debates within the video game industry. Expressive medium, arguing for their protection under the laws governing freedom of speech and also as an educational tool. Wikipedia

  • Video game development

    Process of developing a video game. Undertaken by a developer, ranging from a single person to an international team dispersed across the globe. Wikipedia

  • Indie game

    Video game typically created by individuals or smaller development teams without the financial and technical support of a large game publisher, in contrast to most "AAA" games. However, the "indie" term may apply to other scenarios where the development of the game has some measure of independence from a publisher even if a publishers helps fund and distribute a game, such as creative freedom. Wikipedia

  • Eternal (video game)

    Free-to-play online collectible card video game developed and published by Dire Wolf Digital. Available for iOS, Android, Xbox One, PCs using Steam and Nintendo Switch. Wikipedia

  • Software testing process for quality control of video games. Discovery and documentation of software defects . Wikipedia

  • Available in video games but not accessible unless something is performed by the player to get access to it. Standard among their games. Wikipedia

  • Hearthstone

    Free-to-play online digital collectible card game developed and published by Blizzard Entertainment. Originally subtitled Heroes of Warcraft, Hearthstone builds upon the existing lore of the Warcraft series by using the same elements, characters, and relics. Wikipedia

  • Happy Wars

    Free-to-play, online multiplayer, action tactical role-playing video game developed by Toylogic, available for Xbox One. Originally released for the Xbox 360 on October 12, 2012 on the Xbox Live Arcade as its very first free-to-play title, and additionally for Microsoft Windows on May 28, 2014, but availability on the online marketplaces of these platforms and service to these platforms has since been discontinued as of December 17, 2018. Wikipedia

  • Video game industry

    Industry involved in the development, marketing, and monetization of video games. It encompasses dozens of job disciplines and its component parts employ thousands of people worldwide. Wikipedia

  • Battleborn (video game)

    Free-to-play first-person shooter video game developed by Gearbox Software and published by 2K Games for Microsoft Windows, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One. Released worldwide on May 3, 2016. Wikipedia

  • Viridi

    Simulation video game developed by Ice Water Games. Released onto Microsoft Windows and OS X on August 20, 2015, and onto iOS and Android on June 20, 2016. Wikipedia

  • The Witcher Battle Arena

    Free-to-play multiplayer online battle arena video game developed and published by CD Projekt Red. Playable until the end of that year when the servers were closed. Wikipedia

  • Virtual economy

    Emergent economy existing in a virtual world, usually exchanging virtual goods in the context of an online game, particularly in massively multiplayer online games (MMOs). People enter these virtual economies for recreation and entertainment rather than necessity, which means that virtual economies lack the aspects of a real economy that are not considered to be "fun" (for instance, avatars in a virtual economy often do not need to buy food in order to survive, and usually do not have any biological needs at all). Wikipedia

  • Plants vs. Zombies 2

    2013 free-to-play tower defense video game developed by PopCap Games and published by Electronic Arts. Sequel to Plants vs. Zombies, and was released worldwide on Apple App Store on August 15, 2013 and Google Play on October 23, 2013. Wikipedia

  • Video game with a gameplay element that gives the player a great degree of creativity to complete tasks towards a goal within the game, if such a goal exists. Some games exist as pure sandbox games with no objectives. Wikipedia

  • Magic: The Gathering Arena

    Free-to-play digital collectible card game developed and published by Wizards of the Coast. Digital adaption of the Magic: The Gathering card game, allowing players to gain cards through booster packs, in-game achievements or microtransaction purchases, and build their own decks to challenge other players. Wikipedia

  • Acclaim Games

    American video game company that offered free massively multiplayer online role-playing games on its website upon registration. Founded in 2006 and was the successor to Acclaim Entertainment in terms of brand name. Wikipedia

  • Fantasy Strike

    Free-to-play fighting video game developed and published by Sirlin Games. It revolves around one-on-one battles that require fast reflexes. Wikipedia

  • Warframe

    Free-to-play action role-playing third-person shooter multiplayer online game developed and published by Digital Extremes. Ported to the PlayStation 4 in November 2013, the Xbox One in September 2014, the Nintendo Switch in November 2018 and the PlayStation 5 in November 2020. Wikipedia

  • Stereoscopic video game

    Video game which uses stereoscopic technologies to create depth perception for the player by any form of stereo display. Such games should not to be confused with video games that use 3D game graphics on a mono screen, which give the illusion of depth only by monocular cues but not by binocular depth information. Wikipedia

  • Process of delivering video game content as digital information, without the exchange or purchase of new physical media such as ROM cartridges, magnetic storage, optical discs and flash memory cards. Only with network advancements in bandwidth capabilities in the early 2000s that digital distribution became more prominent as a method of selling games. Wikipedia

  • Mytheon

    Free to play massive multiplayer online video game developed by Petroglyph Games. The game incorporated action, role-playing, and strategy elements. Wikipedia


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